Ruhan showing his skills to Dr. Jow.

Ruhan is a full bred Saiyan from Planet Floma. Prior to Frieza's attack, his parents and a small group of Saiyans were sent on a journey to a planet, they came back to a destroyed planet. They found a new, nearby planet, Planet Floma. They then reproduced, eventually causing the birth of Ruhan. He then came to Earth at the age of 19. Ruhan is stuck in Super Saiyan 3 for life.


Ruhan's power level is like Kid Buu's, yet regenerates 1000 times faster. Gaining him the nickname, the "Omniscent Warrior". He's stuck within the Super Saiyan 3 form, unlike Goku maintaining his power throughout ordinary life, and doesn't give off any stress within the form either. He became this way after nearly going Golden Great Ape, but being hit by Chalik's Toxical Cannon.


Chapter 1: The Outbreak