These are the rules of the Wiki.

  1. No vandalizing whatsoever.
  2. When editing or making a page try to spell all the words right.
  3. Do not be mean to other users.
  4. Don't copy ideas from other users.
  5. Do not add links for pages that don't exist, unless you plan to create them.
  6. Refrain from edit warring and use the talk page for any issue you may have.
  7. When editing a real Dragon Ball page do not post fan fiction information or fan fiction pictures on the page.
  8. Do not change or alter in any way fan fiction pages that are not made by you.
  9. If you make a fan fiction transformation page like Super Saiyan 8, make sure that you add that it is your own version in the title.
  10. Do not threat people, or the wiki.
  11. Do not use another user's picture for your fan fiction, unless you get their permission.
  12. Do not put real Dragon Ball pics on fanfiction pages like characters, techniques and transformations. 
  13. Don't make more than one account. 
  14. No spamming.
  15. Do not remove stuff from other users' talk pages.
  16. Don't make blogs where you vote for users.
  17. Images must be sourced, particularly if you got the picture from DeviantART, simply state where you got it.
  18. Don't come here just to complain about another wiki.

Administrator Rules

  1. Do not abuse power.
  2. When you call a meeting make sure you tell all of the Administrators.
  3. Before deleting a page or blog make sure that they violated the rules
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