Appears in FanFiction
Race Shinobi
Date of birth 5/30
Height 6'4
Weight 210 lb
Dislikes Anyone not apart of his Race
Family Ryuu

Ryuga renowned as the Dragon Emperor is the main character of the fanfiction written by User:EmperorSigma.


Ryuga is considered by many notable individuals to be one of the most gifted shinobi in history and the most powerful shinobi that the Uchiha clan has ever produced. Even as a young child, he was noted by Butsuma Senju as a skilled prodigy who managed to kill several older and more experienced shinobi of the Senju clan. The fact that he was able to clash with Hashirama Senju, who was recognised as the strongest shinobi in the world in his time, also indicates that Ryuga was also one of the strongest ninja of his time. Overall, Ryuga's fame and status were so great that his name alone was enough to incite terror, and Tobi was able to use that to his advantage to instigate a world war. Prior to his departure from Konoha, Madara was able to single-handedly defeat Mū and Ōnoki while holding back most of his power, without getting so much as a scratch on him, despite the fact that the battle itself was fierce enough to destroy a nearby building.


Ryuga was a skilled taijutsu fighter since childhood, possessing notable physical strength, great speed, and remarkable reflexes, with his overall skill in this area matching that of his rival, Hashirama. In his adulthood, he was capable of easily disarming a sword-wielding shinobi, before the latter could react and repel another shinobi twice his size with a single spinning back kick, onto an oncoming group of shinobi, knocking them all off their feet. Even as a child, Butsuma Senju was very impressed with how fast Ryuga could move. As an adult, Ryuga was able to easily dodge some guy high-speed sand attacks, and some lady's close range Lava Release attack. He could even guard himself against a kick from Tsunade who had suddenly appeared on the battlefield and later defended himself against A's punch while the latter was clad in his Lightning Release Armour, without being protected by Susanoo on either occasion.