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More Info

Tier: 0

Strength Type: Omnipotent

Blood Type: Unknown

Region: Niocron

Appears In: Dragon Ball Kingdoms


Saiyan 303 is a entity that destroys solar systems and controls time, he is a powerful being in the universe, he is also one of the strongest OCs of GokuLegendsBangBang

Physical Appearance

Saiyan 303 is a Goku like clone with super saiyan hair, he has red and black eyes like Evil Goku, he is all white like Circuit Breaker Saiyan X


He is corrupted and evil, his mission is to destroy all lifes in earth and other planets

Power Levels

Base: ℵ0

Bloodline Binary: ℵ1


Episode 1: ✔️

Episode 2: ✔️

Episode 3: ✔️

Episode 4: ✔️

Episode 5: ✔️

Episode 6: ✔️

Episode 7: ✔️

Episode 8: ✔️

Episode 9: ✔️

Episode 10: ✔️


  • Saiyan 303 is based on a minecraft mob called Entity 303
  • He is showned to be stronger than Saiyan X
  • He, Xeno Goku and Granolah are the only major characters to appear in all episodes of Dragon Ball Kingdoms