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Name: Saiyan X

Other Names: Omni Saiyan, Omni King, Outerverse King

Alias: Pumpki (Formerly, Deceased)

Gender: Genderless (Identified as male)

Age: 17 Million Years Old

Status: Deceased

Sexual Orientation: None

Behaviour: Hostile

Tier: Low 1-C | High 1-A | 0

Strength Type: Omnipotent

Birth Date: 7 BC

Death Date: 10 August 2048

Cause Of Birth: Saiyan absorbing Omni slime

Cause Of Death: Goku’s Ultimate Spirit Bomb

Relatives: Saiyan Y (Brother), Saiyan Z (Daughter)

Counterparts: Omni Shenron, Cynder

Height: 2.54cm

Weight: 77kg

Diet: None

Occupation: Outerversal Fighter, Saiyan Conquerer, Supreme Ruler Of The Outerverse, Galaxy Destroyer, Destruction God

Race: Void

Address: Outerverse, Unknown

Allegiance: Fang Clan, Slime Saiyan Clan, Supreme Kai

Appears In: Dragon Ball X Tinction (Season 1)

Students: Evil Goku, Majin Buu, Cell, Cooler, Hit (Formerly)

Enemies: Goku, Vegeta, Shallot, Giblet, Broly, Cumber, Jiren, Beerus, Whis, Goki, Vegena, Vegito, Gogeta, Granolah, Xeno Goku, Goku Black, Zamasu, Shenron

Master: None


Saiyan X is a half saiyan and half slime that was a very powerful alien in the world, he was the ruler of the Outerverse until Beerus and Zamasu defeated Omni Shenron, Saiyan X was shown to be stronger than Beerus and Whis and other gods and angels even supreme kais.


Omnipotence: The ability of becoming omnipotent and superior

Telekinesis: Capable of stopping attacks and reading minds

KI Fist: A purple god ki that can injure opponents badly

Solar Flash: The ability of a bursting aura

Destruction Beam: The ability of destroying planets and universes

Power Drain: The ability to take or drain opponents powers

Power Levels

Pumpki (Saiyan Form): 332

Slime Bonded: 100,000

Stage 1: 2 Million

Stage 2: 100 Million

Stage 3: 200 Billion

Stage 4: 3.5 Trillion

First Born: 4.5 Trillion

BC Period: 5 Trillion

After 10 Years: 5 Quadrillion

AD Period: 5.6 Quadrillion

1st Century Period: 6 Quadrillion

After 400 Years: 7 Quintillion

After 600 Years: 1 Sextillion

After 800 Years: 2.8 Sextillion

10th Century Period: 3 Sextillion

After 1000 Years: 4.5 Sextillion

After 3000 Years: 5 Sextillion

16th Century Period: 10 Sextillion

After 6000 Years: 12 Sextillion

17th Century Period: 12.5 Sextillion

After 10,000 Years: 13 Sextillion

20th Century Period: 10 Septillion

After 20,000 Years: 11 Septillion

21st Century Period: 12 Septillion

After 17 Million Years: 999 Nonillion

2015: 2.5 Sexdecillion

2025: 3 Sexdecillion

2037: 10 Septendecillion

2048, Base: 75 Novemdecillion

Perfect Void: 2 Vigintillion

Remastered Void: 100 Vigintillion

Prime Void: 105 Quinvigintillion

Omni Void: 200 Novemvigintillion

Ultra Void: 2 Googolplex

Circuit Breaker: ♾ likely ℵ0


In 7 BC, a saiyan named Pumpki went on a quest to find an artifact. When he entered a temple, he found a strange purple slime; when he touched it the slime bonds to his body and turned into a mysterious alien, and it grew taller and bigger and Saiyan X is born. He looked at hisself and saw that he became a slime saiyan and he decided to call himself Saiyan X. In 152 AD, Saiyan X went to Namek to create his own homeworld. He used the dragon balls and wished Super Shenron to make a dimension for him. When he entered the dimension he called it The Outerverse, a place where all Omni Zombies live. By 11 May 2015, Saiyan X had ruled the Outerverse for 17 Million Years. He created his own Shenron beast named Omni Shenron, he created Omni Dragonballs to keep Omni Shenron alive, when Beerus and Zamasu entered The Outerverse, he started to strike on them but failed, when Zamasu and Beerus killed Omni Shenron, Zamasu casted out Saiyan X from the Outerverse, Saiyan X was so upset that he is no longer the ruler of his homeworld, he will get his revenge one day.


  • Saiyan X’s design was based on Alien X from Ben 10
  • His age means that he has no age and he is ageless
  • Pumpki is a fan made saiyan that became Saiyan X
  • Saiyan X was once a saiyan but he turned corrupted and violent by becoming a void and was casted out of saiyan race by King Vegeta
  • Saiyan X was the first Void to be borned, he gotten powerful all over the years