Tansha (たんシャ)

"Don't feel too shocked. What you're seeing now is just my physics. You have yet to see my power. And believe me, that will be the reason to be shocked."

Shanz (たんシャ Tansha in japanese) is the immense and powerful result of the Interblend between the Shujins Sha, Banrot and Levinz. All their combat skills, their minds and their elemental powers are all combined in one body. It can be considered one of the most powerful warriors in the universe.


The Interblend is the combination of 3 or 4 men with the same power level into one powerful warrior. It's preformed by touching its index and middle fingers with each warrior's they want to interfuse. The Saiyan Masters (The Shujin) learned this technique 100 years ago and never actually used it in perfection. Only by fighting the "True Nightmare" version of Sebox that they've fully found the potential and the knowledge of this technique.


Shanz has, somehow, a mixture of the Masters' appearance. He possesses the spiked up hair, similar to Sha's, a grey and red gi, similar to Banrot's old gi, red wristbands and a face that resembles Levinz's. Also, his hair-bangs are lifted up, similar to Levinz's.


In english:

Sh: Sha

An: Banrot

Z: Levinz

In japanese:

T: Tenshi

An: Banrot

Sha: Sha


Shanz possesses skills, basically, all the same from the three Shujin's but with better improvement and more fierceful attacks and ki waves. Some are:

  • Super Electric Wave Fist (Shanz stretches his fist forward, unleasing a massive yellow ki blast, engulfed with shockwaves - An improvement of Levinz's Penetrating Fist);
  • Destiny's Light Surge (Shanz flies up high above and stretches his right arm to the sky as a massive white light starts to appear then unleashes upon his opponent, causing severe damage - An improvement of Banrot's Light of Fate);
  • Spirit Hell Phoenix (Shanz powers up his two palms as it charges his hands with powerful flames and, after fully charged, he dashes towards his opponent preforming a combination of a rapid barrage of punches, then tosses his opponent to the sky, as Shanz fly-dashes on its direction and unleashes a power flame blow, with a giant fire Phoenix motion - An improvement of Sha's Phoenix's Rise):
  • Final Orb Finisher (the Mystical Orbs handled by the Shujin's will glow its color and they are joined together, forming a massive Orb of energy, as Shanz tosses to his opponent, that results on both the opponent be completly finished and Shanz losing all of its remaining power).