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Super Gogito

Super Gogito (referred to as Gogito) is both simultaneously the weakest and most powerful "fusion" to ever exist. He can't even keep up his Super Saiyan transformation for even a single moment in time. He is able to collapse galaxies with a single pop of his knuckles, but is ultimately never respected, due to the fact that he is literally the weakest, most pathetic, most fragile fucking being in the entirety of the 12/18 universes- even Zeno without his omni-god powers can defeat this guy by breathing on him. Scratch that, a single loose hydrogen atom would be able to make this form destabilize just by being too near. He is a Potara Earring Fusion between Vegito and Gogeta and his Fusion Dance counter part is Vogeta. (damn bro super creative name.)


He is very cocky and confident that no one in the universe can beat him (Which would be true, if Vegito and Gogeta had more then 20-30 minutes at a time to actually practice the fusion, as they only have a limited, set time in their respective forms. The randomness of Vegito's defusing makes it even worse, due to the fact that more complicated something is, the more prone it is to breakdown the entirety in an a unproportionately, catastrophically way.)

He acts mostly like Vegito.

(Cat got your tongue?)


He was formed when Gogeta and Vegito were brought to an alternative universe where a much stronger Broly was running amock, referred to by Inferno Broly who was a fusion between Bio-Broly and the original Broly. Gogeta and Vegito could only go a max of Super Saiyan 3, and they both working together were no match for Inferno Broly. When they fused they called themselves Gogito. They proved to be no match for Inferno Broly, and when they went attempted to go Super Saiyan they were quickly blown away by their own power and they fucking died.


He has all the abilities of Gogeta and Vegito, and also includes the moves that only Vegeta and Goku are seen using, but not Vegito or Gogeta.

  • Final Big Bang Kamehameha: Longinus - Is his ultimate technique. He places his hands out in front of him like a Big Bang Kamehameha and charges a spear that is bigger then his entire body then fires it.
  • 1,000x Big Bang Kamehameha-Is a more power full version of the ordinary Big Bang Kamehameha
  • Final Kamehameha-Is a more power full version of the Final Kamehameha
  • 100,000,000x Kamehameha-Is the strongest version of the Kamehameha. It is the size of an entire planet when fired, and is green instead of Blue. (Cero reference..?)
  • 100,000,000x Final Flash-Is the strongest version of the Final Flash. It levels several miles of land while charging, and is big enough to swallow the earth, enveloping the horizon of whomever unlucky soul that has to face it directly. It takes the color of a scorched, orange sun, instead of a plain yellow. It is, quite literally, a Final Flash. Immesurable destructive power
  • 100,000,000x Galick Gun-Is the strongest version of the Galick Gun. It is the size of Earth's moon. And is red instead of purple. High Outerversal+
  • THE Big Bang Attack: ∞ - Like the rest of the 100,000,000x Attacks, it is the strongest version of its original. Unlike the rest of the 100,000,000x attacks, it is a literal black hole. High Outerversal+
  • Final Dragon Flash-Is a fusion of the Final Flash and the Dragon Fist, Final Dragon Flash. Final Dragon Flash comes from V
  • Prismatic Galihameha- Is a fusion of Vegeta's signature move, the Galick gun and Goku's Kamehameha. It starts off with the Galick gun formation then slowly​ turns into the Kamehameha. It consists off a blue blast with purple streaks, spiraling around. This attack has the ability to scorch through black holes, through the gateway of infinity itself, and into the other universes...

Super Saiyan 3

Super Saiyan 3 Gogito

This form was never used until he had to fight Legendary Super Saiyan 3 Inferno Broly. He acquired this form from Vegito and Gogeta. This form makes him instantly die, in every sense of the word, as it reverses space time to a point that his actions would have amounted to nothing at all whilst simultaneously erasing him from existence, preventing him from interfering with a different future.

Power Level (DBZ)

Power level comparison.

(since it has been stated multiple times that fusion doesnt just ad there strenghts and magnify them instead iff come to the conclusion by reading multiple guide books that the multiplier is Fusion= power x power level. and i will be using this multiplier troughout the power scaling.)

Goku (Base,Tournament of Power Saga): 100 Trillion .


Vegeta (Base,Tournment of Power Saga) : 95 Trillion.


Vegito Power level(Base): 9 octillion 500 septillion.


Gogeta power level(Base): 9 octillion and 25 septillion.


Gogito(base): 8 septendecillion-348 sexdecillion one hundred and twenty-5quindecillion


(Super) Gogito: 4 ocodecillion 174 septendecillion and 62 sexdecillion 500 quindecillion


SSJ2 Gogito:


  • This guy has a very creative and cool version called Vogeta or something.
  • Super old, also super weak.