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Super Nameks are Namekians who managed to unlock their abilities and achieve seemingly insurmountable power. Super Nameks are not fundamentally different type of Namekian, they are simply very powerful Namekians. However, with so much power, most Super Nameks are susceptible to corruption and misused it in the past.


Ac select group of extremely adept Namekians discovered the secret to unlock a higher level of consciousness within themselves. These "Super Nameks" were extremely aggressive and radically different from their agrarian counterparts. To rid their world of the new villains, the Namekians used Porunga, the Namekian Dragon, to banish them. [1]The Nameless NamekianAdded by BeadtmdcThe only known case of a Super Namek that did not misuse his own power was the Nameless Namekian before his fission, as well as Piccolo after his fusion with Nail, and after he was reunified with Kami. After he fused with Kami, Piccolo powered up to levels well beyond of the existing Nameks; Krillin called him a "Super Namek" because of his new and extraordinary powers, able to far eclipse the strength of an untrained Super Saiyan.

It revealed in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug that some extremely powerful Nameks found the ancient secret to unlock a higher consciousness within, becoming "Super Nameks". These Super Nameks seem to be able to show off their true power. They were banished from the planet using the Dragon Balls to summon Porunga. The only shown example of such is Lord Slug. [2]Lord Slug, a Super Namek in his Great Namek form By the end of the manga, Piccolo is by far the most powerful Namekian, which would make him much more powerful than the "Super Namek" Lord Slug, or any of the others that are known of in the series. Piccolo could hold his own, and even take the advantage at points, in battle against an opponent as powerful as Android 17 during the Androids Saga. As the Cell Games approach, Piccolo decides to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for training. Doing so greatly increases his power level, as noted by Goku and Future Trunks. The argument is that Piccolo fused with two powerful Namekians (Kami and Nail), making him by default the most powerful Namekian. Even without fusing with Nail and only fusing with Kami, Piccolo would still be much more powerful, as noted when Nail states that if he had been reunited with Kami prior to coming to Namek, he would be more than ready to defeat the same Frieza that mauled Nail in battle. Piccolo as a Super Namek is also stronger than the average Super Saiyan such as Goten and Trunks.

Known Super Nameks