Super Saiyan is a very strong form only achieved by powerful saiyans. The Original Super Saiyan was in Oozaru form while in the Super Saiyan form, due to not being able to handle the power in his base form. Super Saiyan boosts the overall power of a saiyan by 50. It is the easiest form to achieve next to False Super Saiyan. Pretty much all saiyans in DBZ-DBGT can achieve this form. Only Pan and Bulla cannot achieve it yet.


The Super Saiyan form is a special transformation exclusive to saiyans alone. It boosts the users base power by 50, but in Full-Power Super Saiyan it is boosted by 65. Their are 3 alternate branches from Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan Forms, Dark Super Saiyan Forms, and Super Saiyan X Forms.


The Super Saiyan transformation has golden yellow hair that spikes up, and the eyes turn emerald green. The muscle mass is increased slightly and the user gains a golden aura. Because of the aura the saiyans skin is turned a lighter tone.


While in this form the saiyans hunger for battle is increased. Their love for battle surges in this form and seen by Goku they want to see the best their opponent can do. This was demonstrated by Goku when he let Frieza reach his max power. In this form the saiyan might also be very serious, depending on the situation. Gogeta on one hand is serious, while Vegito is somewhat cocky.

How to Achieve

The saiyan must be overcome with anger. As Goku stated it must be a need not a desire. The saiyan must also be pure of the heart whether good or evil. It is achieved when the user has a high power level, pure of heart (good or evil), and must become very angry. In Goku's case, he was angry over Krillins death and wanted to beat Frieza, Vegeta was frustrated over not being able to surpass Goku, Bardock because he wanted to beat Chilled, Gohan because he wanted to protect his friends, it differs for different people.


  • Super Saiyan users consist of Goku, Vegeta, Bardock, Broly, Future Gohan, Future Trunks, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Gogeta, and Vegito. (In my version, Raditz, Turles, Paragus, King Vegeta, and Tarble can also achieve this form)
  • Pan and Bulla cannot transform yet.
  • Super Saiyan is the most frequent used form in Dragon Ball.