Feron SSJ9 Aged 23

Feron Super Saiyan 9 Aged 23

"You call yourself a king? Ha,ha, you're pathetic now I've reached this form. If you don't surrender this instant, I swear I will rip your very soul from your body and your heart along with it!" -- SSJ9 Feron to the King of the Underworld.

Super Saiyan 9 is an extremelly powerful form and is the successor of Super Saiyan 8 and succeded by Super Saiyan God. This form, even if the user is on the good side has a heart of almost pure evil, but suprisingly they still fight for good.


Hair: White around the edges and dark green in the middle with grey and black tint.

Aura: Many shades of yellow with bolts of white/blue ki surrounding it.

Tail: None


Strength: 200 billion megatons

Speed: 200 trillion miles per hour

Durability: 100 quadrillion megatons

How To Obtain

First, the user must be in Super Saiyan 8 and have years of fighting practice and training in the same form. Humungous amounts of rage must also course through the body of the user, while in combat.  The user will then release a massive explosion which will only dim after 5 minutes. This shall complete the transformation.