"This is it, all your greatest fears in one. I am the one of two, the two most powerful men in the universe, nothing shall stand in our way, not you, not no one, you are nothing, and I am Gogeta, I am a Saiyan, and you will Die NOW!!!!" - Gogeta to The Dark Hell.

Super Saiyan 9 (Supa Saiyajin Nin) is the 9th Super Saiyan form after Super Saiyan 8. It is succeeded by the rare Super Saiyan 10. The form is super
powerful and is 1500x the user's base power. It is a very rare form and needs Super Saiyan 6 to be reachable. It can only be achieved through constant training in the Super Saiyan 8 Form and along with that, years of fighting practice. Gogeta is the only to achieve the form, from fused Super Saiyan 8 Goku and Vegeta.

Goku achieves the form in Super Dragon Ball Ultimate's Super God Saga.


The form is similar to Super Saiyan 2. The user completely loses all emotions and focuses on destruction, no matter who (Gogeta has Goku, who got used to all previous Super Saiyan forms and their emotions). He is a killing machine, nobody stands in his way. The user usually forgets family and friends and focuses on the enemy at hand. The user seems unfocused and mad, but they are more focused than you can imagine. As a Super Saiyan 9, you have 5000x normal Human eyesight and your strength can rip apart planets with your fists. You are a mix of mad and godly.

Power and Appearance

Your power is unbearable and seems impossible to comprehend. That strength all in one tiny body? Yes. It is your life flashing in front of you, there is no escape, it is live or die, which one? That is your choice.

As a Super Saiyan 9, your fur from Super Saiyan 8 turns completely black, with your tail. The front-most bangs of your hair turn black, the rest turns blood red, with your eyes. You are death, you are a Super Saiyan.