This form is made when Legendary​ Goku final​ form​ is Super​ Saiyan​ Infinity. 


Super​ Saiyan​ infinity doesn't have any clothes or features. He wears Gogeta's pants and has extremely long hair. His skin is slightly darker than Gogeta's. has bushy eyebrows.


  • Omniversal Final Kamehameha: This is a stronger version of Final Kamehameha that can destroy entire omniverses.
  • Omniversal Big Bang:​ This is a Big Bang attack capable of destroying omniverses easily.
  • God​ Ki​ infinite

  • Immortality
  • Omnipresence: he​ is​ unbounded presence, being present everywhere, whenever and nowhere at the same time at​ every​ point​ of​ Dragon​ ball​ verse.
  • Omniscience​: knows​ everything that has happened​ Dragon​ ball​ universe.


Super​ Saiyan​ Infinity voice sound​ is​ like a giant magnitude demon

Super​ Saiyan​ Infinity​ is​ the​ power​ of beyond​ infinite​-​layered​ of​ transcendent over beyond​ infinite number of steps above​ abstract and ​conceptually​​ existence​ and​​ ​and​structures​ any beyond​ infinite​ dimensional​ existence realms​ any​ extended unto any higher spiraling infinitely​ endpoint.

Super​ Saiyan​ infinity is a permanent fusion

Super​ Saiyan​ Infinity is born

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