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Advanced Page: Super Saiyan 100

Super Saiyan Infinity - its a fusion beetwen X and Goku. Its extremly powerful, nearly omnipotent.


Super Saiyan Infinity has bare torso, and long, baggy pants, similar to Gogetas ones. It has very long, as if it floats in the air.


  • Omniversal Final Kamehameha: One of strongest Kamehameha, its power is for now unknown, since SSJ Infinity never used it.
  • Omniversal Big Bang: Same as Omniversal Kamehameha, its power is unkown. Its similar to Big Bang Atack, however its much bigger.
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Immortality


Super​ Saiyan​ Infinity voice sound​ is​ like a giant magnitude demon

Super​ Saiyan​ Infinity is born