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The Super Saiyan Primal is a powerful and relentless form that is unlocked when the user experiences great rage.  


The user's hair, irises and eyebrows turn blood red, and their veins bulge. Their faces are sharper and more intense, as they are intensely mad. The aura is blood red and furiously blazing. 

Goku in Super Saiyan Primal

Usage and Power

Saiyans have to experience more than 100% rage to go straight to this form instead of the regular Super Saiyan. In this form, the user becomes so angry that their ki becomes uncontrollable, not only breaking through the user's body but its own limits as well. With no limits and a fire-like red aura constantly charging up the body, this form gets stronger as it's being used, making it one of the most powerful forms. The main advantage to this form is the ability "Seeing Red". This allows the user to tank massive amounts of damage unscathed and unhurt because of their raw rage. The level of damage they can take increases with their power. They are not stoppable until they kill the one who made them angry, which is when they calm down to base form.