Tamera being epic


Anime name Tamera
Manga name Tamera
Alternate names Princess Tamera
The Kern Princess
The flower lady
Miss bratty
The sole Kern
Appears in Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball G
Race 1/2 Saiyan
1/2 Kern
Gender Female
Date of birth Age 754
Date of death Age 762 (revived)
Age 767 (revived)
Age 774
Occupation Flower Seller
Allegiance Z-Warriors
Family Lechudge (father)
Kaze (mother)
Clamenta (Alternate timeline daughter)
Future Tamera (alternate timeline counter part)
Goku (mentor)
Future Trunks (estranged brother)
Cell (genetics)

"Anyone who insults me, my race, or my friends should expect to get the HELL beaten out of them!!"
— Tamera talking to Frieza

Tamera (タマラ Tamara) is a character created by Nimbus.69. She is half Sayian, half Kern. Tamera plays a major role in the DBZ series and a little of GT, her most notably part in the show is when she gave up everything and gave up her life force to stop Buu. Tamera has more of a tomboy attitude, but shows great kindness at times and eventually becomes a very optimistic and easy going person.


Tamera is an incredibly strong and tough tomboy. She is shown as spunky, rough, hard, and stubborn. She also tends to act bratty at times, such as during the Namek saga, she called Lord Guru a "giant old slug". She often taunts her enemies as she kills them and usually calls her opponents names, such as calling Freiza a "stupid looking pink lizard", Perfect Cell a "mutated grass hopper", and Majin Buu a "big stupid looking blow up ball". She even mocks her allies, most often Krillin and Yamcha, or even Goku.

Tamera is shown to have a bad temper, and upon being angered, can become very violent and uncontrollable. An example is when she burst out with anger when Cell nearly killed Piccolo. Another time is when she killed Burter for when he said he was the fastest in the Universe, with Tamera knowing that she was likely faster. The best example, however, is when she brutally murdered Pui Pui when he insulted her.

However, Tamera does show a good side to her. Despite her often taunting her allies, she does show care for them. She is also a bit childlike, such as when she said she was scared to go in the Hyberbolic Time Chamber alone because "she hates being alone for so long". She is also very sacrifing, such as when she willingly saved Gohan's life in the Frieza Saga at the cost of her own, and when she gave up her life force to stop Buu, despite her knowing she couldn't be wished back. Despite her harden and tough attitude, at heart Tamera is very loving and soft. Her mostly notably sign of softness is when Trunks was killed by Cell, she began crying over his death.

By the Majin Buu arc, Tamera has left behind her harden attitude and has become a kinder and better person. She is shown to love flowers and enjoys being around children. However, upon being angered, Tamera can still become violent. Even as an adult, Tamera's stuborness and pride can get the best of her.


Tamera has short messy black hair that goes to about her shoulders and is a little taller than Gohan. During the Namek to Ginyu saga, she wears a yellow robe thingy, a blue vest, and a purple belt. When the Frieza saga blows in, she wears a blue Sayian armor similar to Gohan's and wears a small blue skirt. For the entire Cell arc, she wears an orange type of Gi-dress with a green shirt with long sleeves that go to her elbows, green wristbands, a green belt, and blue and red boots. For the entire Majin Buu arc, her hair goes down to her waist and is tied back in a high ponytail with two locks that stick slightly upward; she wears a V-neck red knee lengthened dress and wears a white long sleeved shirt underneath under it and brown ugg boots. In GT, she wore a white tank top, a blue skirt, a charm bracelet with four different charms (a flower, a simple orb, a teddy, and a cross) and wore a small red scarf on her neck. In all of her appearances, she wears a red ribbon in her hair.

In Nimbus.69's what if called The Wrath of Buu, Tamera wears a light blue uniform similar to Chi-Chi's and wears red wristbands on her arm with light yellow pants. Her hair is noticably longer and is tied back in a pony tail but with hair hanging from the sides. She still wears red and blue boots and a red ribbion.


Goku and Tamera

Tamera and Goku are generally good friends. Goku first saved her life on Namek from Recoome, then once again from Frieza. Goku also became enranged after Frieza killed her when she saved Gohan. Tamera also shows a liking towards Goku, often showing respect for him and being polite, although she does not the miss the chance to poke fun at him. Tamera had also gotten her Turtle School-Gi from Master Roshi because she said it would "be an honor to fight in the clothes like Goku's". Goku was also angered by Tamera's death during the Kid Buu saga. Goku also put her body in the lake in the forest.

Vegeta and Tamera

At first, Tamera and Vegeta have a very bad relationship. Tamera was often annoyed by Vegeta's attitude, and Vegeta only saw her as a distraction during battle. While Tamera attempts to get on his good side, she is often pushed back and gets mad at him. The first time Vegeta actually showed any sign of care for her was when he threw Tamera's dead body to Piccolo after she was killed by Cell, and then almost complete forgot that she was killed. However, during the seven year gap between the Cell arc and the Buu arc, Vegeta and Tamera become much closer and become much better friends. By the beginning of the World Tournament Saga, Vegeta generally sees Tamera as his daughter, often being somewhat protective over her. Kid Buu stabs Tamera right in front of Vegeta and kills her, enraging Vegeta and causing him to snap and attack him.

Gohan and Tamera

Gohan and Tamera are very close friends. The two see each other as brother and sister and protect each other during battels. Tamera generally sees Gohan as a little brother and genrally has strong feelings for him. Tamera had even onced sacrificed her life to save him twice, once against Frieza and the other time against Cell. Gohan was in tears when he discovered Tamera's death and was still in tears at her funeral.

Trunks (kid and future) and Tamera

This is easily Tamera's most noticable relationship. Tamera and Future Trunks had a brother-and-sister sort of relationship, while she and kid Trunks had a mother-and-son relationship. The most well known sign of there care for each other was when Trunks was killed by Cell, Tamera immediatly ran over to him and tried to heal him, and when it failed, she began crying. Future Trunks also shows a dear care for her, such as when she was nearly killed by 18. Overall, the two are very close friends and act protective over each other, in a brother and sister sort of way. Tamera acts protective over present Trunks and sees him almost like her own son. These signs are very notable, and the two appear to enjoy when the other is around. Trunks was also the most upset by her death, and was crying a lot at her funeral. Out of all the characteds she saves, she saves Trunks the most.

Dende and Tamera

Dende and Tamera first met on Namek and became very fast friends. Because Tamera is much stronger than him, she is often seen defending him and protecting him when the situation looks bad. During the Frieza saga, Tamera was the most upset by his death and went full out on Frieza for it. Before Dende leaves to go back to Namek with the rest of his race, Tamera told him they will always be best friends forever and hugs him before he leaves. The two are very close friends, and when Dende sees Tamera hug Gohan, he actually gets alittle jelous.



Tamera was born the age 754, making her roughly 3 years older than Gohan. She was born to a Kern woman and a Saiyan who she was trained by. Her father later on is killed by Frieza and her mother is killed by him. After sometime, she finds a village and the Namekian take her in, raising her and training her. Growing up on Namek, Tamera did not have any friends excluding Dende, and the elders disliked her due to her bratty attitude. She eventually becomes Dende's best friend.

Attack on Namek

When Tamera was eight years old, her village was attacked by Frieza and his men who were searching for the Dragon Balls. During this time, she attempted to attack Frieza, snapping one of his soldier;s neck, although Zarbon throws her threw a house. When Dodoria tried to kill her and Dende, she is suddenly saved by Gohan and Krillin, who take the two to safety. At this point, she is very rude to them, claiming that she could easily of beaten Dodoria by herself with one fire slam (see Abilities). She goes with Dende to see the Grand Elder and gets her hidden potential awaken, making her stronger than even Gohan. She eventually joins the group in trying to find the Dragonballs. However, the Ginyu force causes a stop in their journey. She gets annoyed by Burter and kills him herself, punching him hard in the gut. She helps beat up Guldo, and fights Recoome after seeing him crack Gohan's neck in a fit of rage (she has a crush on Gohan by this point). Despite her best efforts, Recoome beats her to a pulp and doesn't stop until she's dead. Before he can kill her, Goku steps in and stops him. He gives her a Sensu bean and fights against Ginyu after he switches bodies with Goku. After beating him, she switches outfits and wears a female sayian armor for the rest of the Frieza saga. She also takes the job of watching Goku when he's healing in the chamber.

The battle against Frieza

" I'm not scared of a stupid looking pink lizard like YOU!"
— Tamera yelling at Frieza

When Vegeta first fights Frieza, Tamera can be seen cheering him on. When Frieza reached his second form, he attempted to stab Krillin with his horn, however, Tamera pushed him and Dende out of the way, being stabbed with the horn herself. Luckily, Dende heals her just in time. After reaching his final form, Frieza murders Dende, causing Tamera to scream and blast the tyrant with extreme kai blasts. Later, Goku arrives, and Tamera distracts Frieza while he charges the Spirit Bomb. However, when it seems like Frieza is dead, he comes back and kills Krillin, causing Goku to go Super Sayian. Not long after, she follows Gohan when he stalls Frieza before Namek explodes. During this time, Frieza launches a death beam at Gohan, but Tamera takes the blow for him, leaving her almost dead. This causes Gohan to snap and attack Frieza with a Super Masenko. However, Frieza blocks it and almost kills Gohan. Later, she and the others are teleported to earth, where she dies under a flower tree from her wounds. A few months later, she is wished back with the Namekian Dragon Balls. The grand elder decides it would be better for her to stay on Earth, seeing how she could be more fit in with her kind. She gives a heart felt goodbye to Dende and tells him that no matter how far apart they are, they'll always best friends and that she'll never forget about him for all time. She the lives with Gohan until the Androids come.

Frieza returns!

" I don't see what the big deal is: I think he's kinda cute!"
Tamera talking to Gohan about Future Trunks

Two years later, at age ten, Tamand Gohan go to fight Frieza, but he is killed by Future Trunks (who Tamera thinks is "cute"). Later, Goku lands back on earth, and after hearing about the androids, trains for three years. At some point during this time, she goes Super Sayian for the first time.

The androids

" Oh my god; they're Russians!!"
— Tamera talking about the androids

At age thirteen, she helps the team fight against the Androids. She first thinks that androids 19 and 20 are Russians. While Goku is fighting 19, Tamera cheerfully cheers him on. The same happens with Vegeta. When Gero escapes, she and the others go to look for him. In a short amount of time, Future Trunks comes back from the future, and the two develop a sweet brother-and-sister sort of relationship. After androids 17, 18, and 16 are awaken, she attempts to fight against 16, but he refuses to lay a finger on her, due to his peaceful nature, and Tamera calls him a coward. Later, in order to prevent 18 from killing Trunks, she cuts her hair with a dagger, causing 18 to snap and nearly murder the young Sayian. Despite her best efforts, Tamera is almost killed by 18, but is sparred due to 16 telling her to stop, leaving Tamera surprised at his protection of her. Later, she is given a senzu bean and successfully recovers.

The new threat, Cell

After recovering, Tamera helps Goku move to Master Roshi's island. During the trip, Tamera uses the prayer ability for the first time in the series and telepathically contacts Goku through it, telling him that she and the others are all OK, something that relives him. Later, she investigates the case of the second time machine and discovers a creepy old shell that belongs to a strange creature. After some investigation, she finds out it belongs to Cell, a new enemy who absorbs others for power. When multiple power levels are sensed in Ginger town, she and Krillin decide to go investigate it. She goes with Krillin and Trunks to destroy Gero's lab and the present time line Cell with it. Later, she goes to Master Roshi's island and stays the night there. When the androids find them, Piccolo asks her to come with her to hep fight 17, seeing how she could be useful in healing him (she learned how to heal others, but only ones with pure hearts, and Piccolo happens to have one ^-^). After Cell blasts Piccolo into the ocean and almost kills him, Tamera attacks him in a fit of rage, though she is blasted threw the stomach and is almost killed (something Trunks is able to sense in the time chamber). She eats a sensu bean and later recovers.

The cell games

"No! I won't let anyone else I care about die!! I can't just let it happen!!"
— Tamera talking to Piccolo before flying to heal Gohan


During this time, Goku and Gohan got their turn in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and began training, mostly for the purpose of Gohan becoming a Super Saiyan, his hidden power would be very useful then if he could at least keep up with Perfect Cell normally. Tamera herself goes into the chamber with Trunks and turns Super Saiyan for the first time. All the Z Warriors then gathered at the tournament after nine days had passed. On the day of the tournament, the martial arts champion Mr. Satan (Hercule) and his trainees attack Perfect Cell first, but they are easily defeated. Then the tournament truly begins, as Goku is the first of our heroes to fight Perfect Cell, even though he already knows that he will probably not be able to beat him. He matches Perfect Cell blow for blow and puts up a good fight; but as Goku expected, Perfect Cell is quite a bit stronger then him.

Goku eventually quits the fight after a huge Kamehameha that decreases his own power, and remembers the training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that he and Gohan went through. Goku is confident in his son's abilities and sends the 11-year-old Gohan out to fight Perfect Cell, assuring Perfect Cell that if Gohan couldn't beat him, no one would be able to. Gohan reluctantly fights Perfect Cell, but Gohan does not show the same love for fighting and confidence that Goku does, and it is that lack of interest in fighting and lack of confidence that gets him into trouble. Gohan doesn't use his full strength and Perfect Cell makes seven miniature versions of himself to fight the Z Fighters and eventually kill them. This charade continues until Android 16 (who is now allied with Goku) is killed - when this happens, Gohan's dormant power erupts in his rage and he transforms to a level that surpasses the known limits of any Super Saiyan. This new level of power is "Super Saiyan 2". It was just as Goku had predicted; Gohan with his awakened power, dominates the perfect android until a well placed punch to the stomach makes Perfect Cell regurgitate Android 18, forcing him to become semi-perfect again. No longer at his ultimate power, he begins to self destruct as a last resort. Goku teleports him to King Kai's planet, and is killed in the explosion. Semi-Perfect Cell survives, and comes back in his perfect form, but due to his Saiyan genetics, Super Perfect Cell comes back stronger after his near fatal injury. He returns to Earth, where he kills Future Trunks with a Full Power Death Beam.

Tamera rushes over to Trunks after seeing him be killed and tries to heal him with some of her magic. However, this does not work as Tamera is untrained in her healing skills. Lamenting severely, Tamera reveals her sensitive side towards him and begins crying for the first time in the series. Vegeta, after seeing his son get killed, attacks Cell out of pure rage, although in the end is slapped aside like a fly. Before Cell can kill him, Gohan jumps in front of an incoming attack, saving Vegeta but causing Gohan to lose the use of his left arm. Tamera, not willing to let any else she cares about die, flies in to heal his arm. Relizing Tamera's healing powers could prove a threat, Cell fires an attack right at Tamera, killing her. Vegeta then tossess Tamera's body over to Piccolo.

After Cell's defeat, Tamera and Trunks's bodies are taken to the lookout and are revived. Upon coming back to life, Tamera angirly embraces Gohan, saying that he had her so worried. However, she softens up and starts crying tears of joy, saying that she's happy to see he's okay. The next day, she sadly says goodbye to Future Trunks. After his deparutre, Tamera offers to help take care of present day Trunks, something Bulma agrees to let her do.

Majin buu Arc

Seven years later, at the age of 21, Tamera's appearance and personality has greatly changed. Her hair is much longer and is tied back into a ponytail, her personality is that of a sweet, cheerful, optimistic girl and she is now a flower seller. She is also very close to younger children, most notably Trunks and Goten. She also had learned how to go Super Sayian two at some point. We first met her in her adult appearance at the world tournament, selling flowers. She laughs Gohan for wearing his "stupid Sayiaman outfit". Not long after she says this, Goku appears and says he will be staying for 24 hours. She and the others run up to hug him, although Goku doesn't recognzie her, something she slaps him for. She and the others watch an embarassing re-anactment of the Cell games, and begins bawling her eyes when she Future Trunks in it, saying "she misses him alot". After pigging herself down with the other Sayians and meeting Supreme Kai, Tamera was suppose to go up against Yamu, but due to Spopovitch and Yamu stealing Gohan's energy, she never fought him.

The evil wizard, Babidi

Tamera decided to go help to kill Majin Buu with Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Supreme Kai. While flying, Supreme Kai reveals Tamera's hidden Kern heritage and her Dragon Pearl pendent. The group eventually get to Babidi's base. They hide and secretly watch as Yamu and Spopovich give the energy to the evil wizard Babidi, who retaliates by killing them. Dabura and Babidi realize the Z Fighters are nearby and decide to steal their energy by killing the weaker fighters and luring them into the spaceship. Dabura flies up to the Z Fighters and kills Kibito with a Ki Blast at point blank range. After a brief fight, Dabura spits on Krillin and Piccolo, turning them to stone, and flies back to the spaceship, with Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Tamera, and a relutctant Supreme Kai following behind.

When they get inside the spaceship, they are told they must defeat the three fighters if they want to destroy Babidi. The first fighter, Pui Pui, appears and fights against Tamera. Pui Pui mocks for having to fight a girl, and says she is more than likely a weak little shrimp. Tamera explodes with anger from this comment and attacks him head on, punching, kicking, slapping, and blasting him everywhere. When Tamera is torturing him, Goku eventually tells her to stop. Tamera then murders him by killing him with a full power death beam.

Soon after the fight, Vegeta’s mind is taken over Babidi’s magic, transforming him into Majin Vegeta and giving him a massive power increase. Babidi transports them to the World Tournament arena, where Majin Vegeta destroys parts of the stadium, killing many people to convince Goku fight him. Goku agrees and they are transported to a desert area. Gohan, Supreme Kai, and Tamera in the mean time go to fight Majin Buu.

The demon, Majin Buu

After easily defeating many weak henchmen, Gohan, Supreme Kai, and Tamera make it to the bottom of the ship where Majin Buu's Cocoon is. Babidi and Dabura appear and prepare to release Majin Buu from his cocoon. Supreme Kai orders Gohan and Tamera to retreat and wait for the others to think of a way to defeat Majin Buu, but Gohan, remembering his father’s words, refuses and says he needs to protect the people he cares about. Gohan powers up and fires a Flashing Kamehameha one after another attempting to destroy the cocoon and Majin Buu along with it, but the cocoon is unaffected. The cocoon finally stops steaming and hatches, but nothing is inside. However, only Gohan knows that something did come out of the cocoon, and it was forming something up into the sky. The steam that erupted from the cocoon forms into a pink, fat creature: Majin Buu.

Despite their best efforts, Tamera, Gohan, and Supreme Kai are severly beatened by Majin Buu. Majin Buu fires an extremely deadly attack at Gohan and nearly kills him, luckly, Supreme Kai manages to stop this attack from fully killing him. Enranged by his act, Tamera attacks Majin Buu head on and fires a Maxium Flasher at him, along with a large amount of Magic attacks. After an amazing display of power and magic, Majin Buu appears from the smoke, missing his left arm, although he regenrates immediatly. Majin Buu then severly beats her, almost killing her and nearly blasting her arm off. As he is about to kill her, Majin Vegeta comes on and stops him. He carries her half dead body out of harm's way. Goten passes it while he is flying over to help out Vegeta and carries it over to Piccolo, who leaves it to Krillin. Vegeta later explodes in order to kill Majin Buu, although this plan falls and he regenrates. At Kami's lookout, Tamera is given and sensu bean and recovers and becomes extremely strong from her Zenkai ability.

The fusion plan

After Goku goes back to underworld, Tamera agrees to help train the boys to fuse. This is the only time Tamera is rough to them, as she doesn't let them have any breaks at all and keeps them going. At one point, she punches Trunks in the face when he was taking a break, telling him to stop being lazy and do something for once. After the two boys finally fuse together to make Gotenks and go to fight Buu without being Super Sayians, she is actually seen being concerned for the two, and when Gotenks comes back, she slaps him in the face. Eventually, she joins the two in the Time Chamber and keeps them on track. While in the time chamber, she begins having horrid nightmares of Vegeta's death and how she wasn't able to save anyone in the past, including Dende, the nameks, Future Trunks, and others. When Super Buu comes in with Piccolo, she watches the fight. After Super Buu reforms at one point, the first thing does is attack Tamera for unknown reasons we find out later. This causes Gotenks to lash out at Buu, showing that he does care for her. Later, she is absorbed by Super Buu, however, she shields herself just like Vegito did. Not to long later, she meets up Vegeta and Goku inside of Buu's body and helps them through the overall misadventures in Buu's body.

Summoning the Dragon's Pearl

Not to long after she escapes Buu's body with the others, Buu destroys earth. Goku manages to save her, Vegeta, Dende, Bee, and Mr.Satan, but leaves the boys and Piccolo behind. This is the first time where Tamera shows Mr.Satan how much she hates him, by screaming "Why the hell did we save you?! Out of all the people not dead, why the heck did it have to be YOU?! Be grateful for us, and in order to show your gratefulness, just shut up and dont annoy us with that stupid, headsplitting voice of yours!". While they are the Kai's planet, Kibbito Kai explains the Kern race and how, after Majin Buu was sealed away, the Kais had created a pearl called the Dragon's pearl, which could seal away Majin Buu again should he be released. Tamera then remembers that her mother had told her about the Kern race and how she was one of them. This also explains why Buu had targeted her as a major threat. Tamera then runs away while Goku is fighting Buu to a prayer area to try to summon the Pearl. However, because she was a half breed, she would have to give up her life force to summon the pearl, which would count as a natural cause of death, something a person cant be wished back from. Despite this, she sat in the sanctuary and prayed.

A little while later, Vegeta finds her praying and asks what shes doing. She doesn't answer, but instead puts her head up and smiles at him. Despite this touching reunion, Kid buu appears out of nowhere and brutally stabs her threw the torso. When Vegeta attempts to help her, Buu threatens to blast her at the side of her head, giving her a very brutal and painful death. Laughing, Buu sicks the sword in and out of her torso in order to make her suffer more. With the last of her strength, she gives up the little bit of her life force left and successfully summons the pearl, and then dies from the natural cause. Buu blasts the left side of her body, causing her ribbon to unravel and let her hair down. However, in the explosion, a pendent she wore disconnects from her neck and disintegrates, but the little jewel on it is revealed to be the pearl. It bounces down a flight of stairs and lands in the water. Tamera then falls into Vegeta's arms, cold and dead.

Vegeta, for the first time in his life, cries over some one else's death and vows to avenge Tamera, and attacks Buu head on.When Vegeta tried to attack Buu while Goku was charging the Spirit Bomb, Buu uses Tamera's corspe as a shield, threw it at Vegeta, then attacked both of them. Later, when Buu was being killed by the Spirit Bomb, the Dragon's pearl appeared and sealed him away for all time. After mourning the loss of the last Kern, Goku puts her corspe in the middle of a lake in the forest, a place where she said she wanted to be placed when she died. Tamera's body slowly sunk to the bottom, and became one with the planet she fell in love with.

Tamera was mentoined again in episode 288, when Dende says that "he can only see the wife of Goku and Tamera do that sort of dance" after watching ChiChi do a dance. This causes the entire party to be brought to a standstill and remain quiet. Tamera was lastly mentoined when Goku said that Pan was a lot like Tamera.

Dragonball GT

Black star/Baby saga

Due to her brutal death, Tamera doesn't appear for most of GT. However, there are many references to her, most notably the Z-fighters wearing red ribbons on their arms. Tamera's most notable act in the Baby saga is calling out to Vegeta while he was possessed by Baby and managed to get threw to him. She does the same with the other Z-fighters. Goku also mentoins Pan reminds him of Tamera.

Super 17 saga

Tamera decided to come back to earth for a day and enjoy her time with her old friends. However, there time is interrupted when the hole to hell opens and all the enemies come out. She is often seen beating up many old enemies, most notable Cell. She also meets her father again, and tearfully embraces him. The two fight side by side together and help to destroy many enemies. However, while fighting against enemies alongside her dad, Goten, Uub, Vegeta, and Trunks, Super 17 shows up, and challenges the group. While they put up a good fight, Super 17 badly beats them. At one point, he attempts to kill Tamera by blasting her body to pieces, althought Lechudge takes the blow for his daughter and saves her life at the cost of his own. Enranged by her father's death, Tamera goes SSJ2 and attempts to kill 17 on her own, but is once again nearly killed. Goku later on saves them. When the event is over, Tamera tearfully says goodbye to everyone, going back to other world.

Shadow Dragon Saga

Tamera plays a rather small role in the Shadow Dragon Saga. Her biggest part is once again calling out to Vegeta when he had gone Golden Great Ape and she, along with Trunks, were both able to console him. She also appears as a ghost comforting Pan after Goku left with Shenron. She lastly appears in a few flash backs (her death by Majin Buu).

The Wrath of Buu (a DBZ what-if)

The world tournament



Tamera is first seen at the world tournament as a young 18 year old girl. She is still a bit of a tomboy, but has mellowed a bit over the years. Tamera's apparence has greatly changed, having longer, wild hair and looks a good deal like Chi-Chi.

Tamera firsts goes against Spoopovitch. While she is much stronger than him, she has to hold back in order to not kill him. Despite her using as much power as she is allowed, Spoopovitch is still able to beat her. While Tamera refuses to give in, she is brutally beaten to a pulp. For his own fun, Spoopovitch decides to step down on her head and crush it untill Tamera is brought to tears. Before he kills her thoughh, his partner Yamu tells him to stop, saying he would be discualifed it he killed her. Tamera is rushed to the hospital by Trunks and recovers with a sensu bean.

The new threat, Buu

Tamera decides to help Supreme Kai (known as SK) and his rather pedo servant Kibito find Majin Buu and destroy him. On their way there, SK reveals Tamera's hidden herirage as a Kern, saying she has the power to seal Buu away. Upon arriving their, Dabura, the king of demons, murders Kibito and turns Piccolo, Krillin, and Android 15.2 into stone, with Trunks flying after him. Tamera, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and SK fly in as well. When in their, Tamera challenges Pui Pui and easily murders him. After Gohan fights Dabura, Vegeta is possessed by Babbidi and knocks out Tamera. She later awakens and attempts to stop Buu's resurrection, although she, SK, Gohan, and Trunks are to late, as Majin Buu has already been released. Tamera, Trunks, Gohan, and SK all fight Buu, but are all badly beaten. Tamera and Trunks are later knocked out by Buu and almost killed, althought Vegeta saves them in time. In a desperate attempt to kill Buu, Vegeta blows himself up, although this plan fails and Buu regenrates.

Befriending the monster

Tamera senses good in Buu, and decides to befriend him. She meets Buu at his house, and while she is first very cautinous and alert around him, she eventually softens up and befriends him. At one point, they get a dog named Bee. Around this time is when Tamera grows to truly love him as her friend, convincing Buu to become a good person. However, there friendship is shattered when two gun men come and kill Bee, causing Buu to expell the evil out of him in a fit of rage. The evil in Buu turns into another looking Buu, named Evil Buu. The two Buus fight, with Bad Buu at one point using Tamera as a human shield. Eventually, Bad Buu absorbs Good Buu, turning into Super Buu.

Movie apperances

  • Lord Slug: Fights against slug but gets beaten.
  • Cooler's revenge: Attempts to help Goku, but almost gets killed by Cooler. Saved by Piccolo.
  • Super Android 13!: Helps Trunks kill 15, but is nearly murdered by 13.
  • Broly, TLSS: Tamera and the others are enjoying there time at a pick nick, but a space ship lands on earth with a man named Paragus coming out of it. Paragus says he is a Sayian and that he has made a new Planet Vegeta, and they head off. While on the planet, Tamera and Trunks accidentally kiss each other in front of Goku and Broly, much to their embarrassment. During the fight with Broly, Broly used Tamera's unconscious body as a human shield on Trunks, knowing about their care for each other. She and the others successfully escape after wards.
  • Bojack Unbound: Attends tournament and fights Bojack, but is badly beaten.
  • Broly, second coming: Helps find the Dragon Balls but fights Broly and is nearly killed. Once again, Tamera's unconscious body is used a shield against both Trunks and Gohan.
  • Fusion Reborn: Helps kill a large amount of enemies, most notably Cell and Turles.
  • Plan to Eradicate the Sayians: She is a main target due to her heritage, fights Turtles, and is once AGAIN used as a human shield on Vegeta (DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!!).

Trunks' time-line

In Trunks' timeline, Tamera's appearance has greatly changed. She wears a long baggy red shirt over a white longsleeved shirt, black pants that cuff to her knees, wears brown boots with a red lace, and has her semi-long hair tied in a ponytail with hair still hanging down to the sides. She is not as cheerful in this time line and is always extremely concerned about the fate of her daughter and her husband Gohan. Despite this, she still believes that the androids will one day be defeated and that she and her family can live in a better world, and despite her much different personality, Tamera greatly loves her husband very much and often worries about him. When Gohan is killed by the androids, she becomes must noticeably quieter and seems to always be depressed. She also grows a deep dislike towards Trunks, and believes it was his fault her husband died, although in the end she took off this grudge and sacrificed her life in order to save his.

In this time line, Tamera and Gohan have married each other and have had a daughter named Clamenta. She does train at times, but is usually taking care of her one year old daughter. While on a break day, the androids attack an amusement park. She participates in the battle, but when the androids destroy the park, she is knocked out. Gohan is not too worried about her, however, and knows that she's alive due to the fact that she is stronger than him and couldn't be killed by "such a light little blast". She eventually recovers from a broken arm, but chooses not to fight because of the chances of her being killed. After her husband's death, Tamera breaks down in tears and slams her fists on the ground. She goes into a deep depression and grows to hate Trunks, due to her believing that it was his fault Gohan died. Three years later though, she stops the androids from killing Trunks by suddenly appearing out of nowhere and cutting 18's hair with a dagger (like she did in the android saga). Enraged, 18 attacks Tamera, but while being killed by the androids, Tamera telepathically contacts Trunks through a dream, telling him that she never truly hated him, says she's sorry he had to grow up in such a horrid world, and tells him to let Clamenta know she loves her. 18 then kills Tamera by punching her threw the chest. Bulma eventually finds Tamra's body and buries it next to Gohan's grave. Trunks says, while speaking to present day Tamera, that she was his care taker when he was little and that she was so friendly and cheery before Gohan was killed.


Because of her Kern heritage, Tamera does not actually use physic power, but rather magic abilities. When she holds up her hands to help charge a spirit bomb, magic is given up instead of actual energy. However, this does not effect the making of the bomb.


  • Hardcore punch: Tamera angrily punches her opponent everywhere.
  • You're makin' me mad!!: Tamera quickly rushes at her opponent and kicks him in the head, knocking them down, then she angirly fires Bombs of the fires of hell.
  • Pissed of gal: Tamera angirly rushes at her opponent and gets them in a full nelson. The she flies up and shoves them into the ground. After this, she fires a good deal of magic power at the opponent.


  • Special Beam Canon
  • Maskeno
    • Friendly Maskeno: She and her childhood friend Gohan fire together.
  • Fire Slam: A kick with fire energy added to it.
  • Fire Beam: A finger beam with fire energy added to it.
    • Blazing Beam: A faster, wider, and deadlier version of this attack.
  • Ultimate Destruction: She grabs her opponent, builds up a huge supply of aether magic, and lts out a huge explosion thats about four times stronger than a nuclear bomb. However, this blast kills her and her opponent.
  • Bomb of the fires of hell: Throws a huge amount of fire orbs at her opponent.
  • Final Flash: An attack learned from her friend Vegeta.
  • Double fire rainbow all the way: Tamera fires two fire waves out of her hands.


  • Kamehameha
    • Timely Kamehameha: She and her friend Future Trunks fire together.
  • Heaven's light: Tamera's version of healing. She can only heal those with pure hearts, however, and this healing doesn't restore the person's clothing like normal healing does.
  • Air slice: A poweful force of air that moves at extreme speed and slices the opponent.
    • Air cutter: A more powerful version of this move.
  • Kai palm: A palm strike with powerful kai energy added to it.
  • Air storm: A similar attack to air slice, but it comes out of nowhere and attacks the opponent on all sides and slices their bodies.
  • Flight
  • Sense


  • Lighting slam: A kick with electricty magic.
  • Thunder rain: A huge amount of lighting comes from the sky and hits the opponent.
  • Shocky beam: A finger beam with lighting energy.
  • Wavy Shock: A burst of lighting attacks the opponent from all sides.
  • Lighting Storm: Tamera holds her hands in a similar way to charging a spirit bomb. Then she charges up all her lighting energy. Once this is done, she throws a huge bomb of lightning energy to her opponent.
  • Full Power Death Beam
  • Flashing Beam: First Tamera holds out her middle finger and her index finger. Then she charges up lightning energy. After charging, she fires a very quick, deadly, and straight beam of powerful lighting energy straight threw her opponent.


  • Great ether: a very powerful hand beam with all of Tamera's magic abilites added to it.
  • Ether explsion: An explosion with all her magic spells added into it.
  • Physic Whip: A whip that whips oppponents and explodes upon empact with all magic energy added into it.

Other abilities

  • Her prayer ability has an amazing effect at times. It can telepathically contact someone, heal someone, weaken some enemies, damage enemies, give the fighters luck, or simply have some random effect like grow flowers, cause rain to fall, or even cause trees to dance (O.O).
  • She can mimic other people's moves from watching them do it once. An examine is the full-power death beam from watching Cell use it.

Major Battles

Anime and Manga

  • Tamera VS a dinosaur
  • Tamera VS Unnamed Freeza soldier
  • Tamera, Gohan, and Kuririn VS Dodoria
  • Tamera, Kurirn, and Gohan VS Guldo
  • Tamera, Gohan, Kuririn, and Vegeta VS Recoome
  • Tamera VS Butter
  • Tamera VS Second form Freeza
  • Tamera and Gohan VS 100% power Freeza
  • Tamera VS Android 18
  • Tamera (SS) VS Future Trunks (SS)
  • Tamera, Vegeta, Trunks, Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Kuririn, Piccolo, and Goku VS Cell JR. x7
  • Tamera VS Pui Pui
  • Tamera, Gohan, and Supreme Kai VS Majin Buu
  • Tamera VS Goten and Trunks
  • Tamera VS Raditz
  • Tamera, Uub, Trunks, and Goten VS Saibamen
  • Tamera, Trunks, Vegeta, Goten, Gohan, and Uub VS Super 17


  • Tamera VS Lord Slug's soldiers
  • Tamera VS Medamatcha
  • Tamera VS Lord Slug
  • Tamera VS Cooler's Armored Squadron
  • Tamera, Kurirn, and Gohan VS Salza
  • Tamera (SS) and Future Trunks (SS) VS Android 15
  • Tamera (SS) VS Super Android 13
  • Tamera (SS), Goku (SS), Gohan (SS), and Trunks (SS) VSS Broly (LSS)
  • Tamera (SS), Goku (SS), Piccolo, Gohan (SS), Trunks (SS), and Vegeta (SS) VS Broly (LSS)
  • Tamera (SS) VS Zanyga
  • Tamera (SS) VS Zangya, Bujin and Bojack (Full Power)
  • Tamera (SS2), Trunks (SS), and Goten (SS) VS Broly (LSS)
  • Tamera (SS2), Gohan (SS), Goku (SS), Goten (SS) and Trunks VS Broly (LSS)
  • Tamera VS Turles
  • Tamera (SS) VS Turles
  • Tamera (SS), Goku (SS), Gohan (SS), Future Trunks (SS), Vegeta (SS), and Piccolo VS Hatchiyack
  • Future Tamera (SS), Future Gohan (SS) and Trunks VS Future Androids 17 & 18
  • Future Tamera (SS) Vs Androids 17 & 18

List of Characters killed by Tamera

Dragonball Z

  • Nameless Frieza soldier: Tamera was enranged by what Frieza was doing and killed one of his men by snapping his neck.
  • Burter: Tamera became incredibly annoyed by him saying he was the fastest in the universe and rammed her fist into his gut, killing him.
  • Vinegar: Tamera suddenly burst out with anger and killed Vinegar by breaking his neck.
  • Pui Pui: Killed with a full power death beam.

Dragonball Gt

  • Raditz: Punched him hard in the face.
  • Saibamen: Blew up multiple sabiamen with Goten, Trunks, and Uub.


  • Kid Buu: Tamera summoned the Dragon's pearl and sealed him away.
  • Super 17: Tamera distracted him for enough time for Goku to kill him.


  • Lord Slug's soldier: Killed three by blasting them (Lord Slug)
  • Turles: Kicked him in the gut (Fusion Reborn)


  • Tamera is known for being the only character brave enough to back-talk at Vegeta, espically during the Android Arc. She often calls him a "Stuck-up Saiyajin prick", says that "He's practically drowned in his useless Saiyajin pride" and often yells at him.
  • Tamera has more battles than any other female character.
  • Tamera is often called "Princess Tamera" by the Kais; This is likely due to the fact that she techincally is the Kern princess and, due to the Kais showing great respect for the Kerns, would be proper to call her so.
  • Tamera is well known for her amount of signifigant deaths in the series:
    • She is the only character to die three times in the same series
    • She dies more than any female
    • She is the only character to be killed by all three main villians
    • She ties with Krillin for the most amount of deaths (excluding GT)
  • Tamera being killed by Cell with a death beam because of her healing powers parrels when Freeza killed Dende on Namek for the same reason.
  • The way she saves Trunks from 18 in the Android saga is the exact same way she saved him in the alternate timeline, although unlike Future Tamera, Tamera wasn't killed by 18.
  • Tamera is shown to deeply hate Mr.Satan, up to the point where she said she wanted to kill him. This is likely due to him taking the credit for beating Cell. Interestingly, despite her hating him, he attened her funeral anyway.
  • Tamera has been used as a shield five times.
    • Once in the first Broly movie, Broly used her unconscious body as shield against Trunks.
    • She was used again during the Cell Juniors, were one of the little demons used her against Super Sayian two Gohan, although Gohan managed to save her.
    • She was used again in the second Broly movie against both Goten and Trunks.
    • She was used once more in "The Plan to Eradicate the Sayians", where the main bad guy used her as a sheild against Vegeta, although Vegeta did not care and attacked him anyway, with Trunks saving her body in the end.
    • Her dead crospe was lastly used by Kid Buu, who used it against Vegeta, threw it at him, and attacked them both.
  • Tamera appears to have a split personality; during her childhood years she is very rude and tomboyish, but as an adult is very polite and kind (though still has tomboy traits)
  • She has very similar hair to Goten at the end of DBZ
  • Tamera's ribbon is light pink in the original manga, but was changed to red in the anime.


  • I'm not scared of a big stupid strawberry like YOU!!
  • My name is Tamera; you better learn it!
  • Are you kidding me? Those are the dumbest poses ever!!
  • You big thickheaded moron! Why not use the muscle in your BRAIN for once, dumbass?!
  • So your the Goku Gohan and baldy have been blabbing 'bout.
  • Are you kidding me? THIS little shrimp is the great Freeza?! How pathetic!!
  • You murder!! You killed Dende you son of a bitch!
  • Great. Mr.Pink Lizard and his stupid father are coming to kill fun...
  • I don't see what the big deal is; I think he's kinda cute!!
  • Oh damn; they're Russians!!
  • Oh please! I'm not scared of a magical trashcan like you, you little WHORE!
  • Wait...when was Piccolo ever a demon...?
  • Can I come too...? I wouldn't want you getting hurt or anything (blushing)
  • EWW!! It looks like ChiChi's cooking!!
  • I don't get why Cell looks so damn creepy even though he has MY Cells; he should look a little bit preetier...
  • Kick his green ass Gohan!!
  • No!! Please don't die! Trunks! DO NOT DIE ON ME!
  • Would you please SHUT UP?! We're having a touching momment!!
  • Now you please be careful, okay? I won't be there to annoy you anymore