Kamehameha vs Galick Gun by Joker DeLarge

The Blitz Beam vs Semi Cannon

This is the twelth episode of Ultimate Origins an is property of Ultimate Alien Warrior.

"KAME GET OUT OF THE WAY! HE"S GONE INSANE!!" Genki yelled pushing Kame out of the way.The red stream of energy sped towards him."Okay I need to remember something.A Kamehameha wont cut it." Genki then closed his eyes and focused.

Suddenly he was back on earth and was talking to a small boy with black hair

"This attack is one of my original attacks.This move is fusion of the  Super Kamehameha and the Super Masenko.Although it only takes about the energy of a normal Kamehamha would." Genki stoped and then restarted."First you start off with your hands in postion as if you where doing a regular Masenko.But as you begin to fire it,you slide your hands into a Kamehameha formation while chanting Blitz Beam Fire."

Back to his body

He slowly followed his postsions as he instructed to the boy." Blitz!" Genki yelled as he began to power up."Beeam!" He then began to slide his hands into the position of a Kamehameha."FIIIIRREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" As he yelled a burst of ki met his opponents Semi Cannon.The blasts collided so hard the shockwave could be felt from 100,000 miles away.Kame was then blown away until he crashed into a pillar,but kept watching."The energy is amazing!!!!!!!!!!" Kame said astonding at the ki imput of the two warriors.The Blitz Beam was being easily over powered by the rage power of the Semi Cannon."It's not working I need to be stronger...remember."


He was back on Earth listening to Gohan."And the Kaio-ken is a technique that temporaly expands the users energy by the umber it is multiplied.It was even used once in Saiyan at the cost of hurting your body a little...


"I have no choice!" Genki said."HAHHHAHHAHAAAA YES I AM FINNALLY HAVING THE MOST FUN I HAVE HAD SINCE I GOT HERE!!!" Kalic laughs."Laugh at this Kalic! SUUUPER KAIO-KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Suddenly his aura tramsformed red and The Blitz Beam was enlarged by 100 times,easily over powering Kalic. The blast slamed into Kalic with rage,and sent him hurtling out of the planet atmosphere."Genki you did it you won!!" Kame said running to Genki and tackling him."Heeeyyy Kame...where have you been??" Genki says confused and tired."Sooo can I have some chicken now??" They two saiyans laughed and hugged each other.

Can it be really over? Or is it some twisted plot by Kalic? Find out Next time!