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"Haha, yup, I am a talking dog.... or that's how it would appear to you, funny humans. My name is Oreo. I'm a highly ranked warrior back where I come from... or where I used to come from. You see... my planet was destroyed by a crazy group of freaks that work for a man named Frieza! Ugh! Frieza!! Every time I even say the name, I get filled with anger. That man took my home, my friends, my family, and everything I worked hard for and loved... and just threw it all away! So you see, my goal is rather simple. Find this, Mr. Frieza, then mount his head.... on a stick!"

Cui Moves In

<Frieza's Spaceship>

[Plant Lukor, a peaceful planet far, far off in the galaxy. The planet was filled with a race of interesting creatures. Most of them appeared to be animal-like beasts who could walk, talk, and live.... just like normal people. That's not even the strangest thing on this incredible planet was their special bright pink cherry blossom pond. It is said even the smallest sip, and all your wounds and troubles would be instantly healed. The water was incredible, saving lives every day...... but could this same wonderful power.... also have a downside?]

Cui: L-lord Frieza, what are you reading over there? <NERVOUSLY TRIES TO TAKE A PEAK>

Frieza: Back off, you insolent freak, I'm researching a planet that interests me greatly.

Cui: O-Oh! I see! <BACKS AWAY SLOWLY>.

Zarbon: <STANDING TO FRIEZA'S RIGHT, ARMS CROSSED, FLIPS PONYTAIL BACK> A planet, hm? Would you like me to go get it for you, master? I could be back in no time...

Dodoria: <STANDING TO FRIEZA'S LEFT> No, no, no! You got the last planet, Zarbon. Give me a chance! I'll rough 'em up good! Heh heh heh! <PATS HEAD>

Frieza: Quiet! You're both acting like childish idiots. <LOOKS BACK, GLARES AT CUI> Cui.... when was the last time you captured your lord a planet?

Cui: <STANDS UP STRAIGHT> Um... just a few weeks ago, sir!

Frieza: I see.. <LOOKS BACK FORWARD> Go get this planet for me, you useless idiot.


Zarbon: Quite a nervous little fool, isn't he?

Dodoria: Heh heh, I'll say.

Frieza: <SNICKERING> Well, let's hope he does this job right, or else I might have to kill him.

Zarbon & Dodoria: <BOTH LAUGH>

Oreo Appears