This is fan fic is created by EliteCommando1308 and his 3rd fan fiction.

Charcters will include:

  • All Z-Fighters
  • Bardock
  • King Vegeta
  • Pikkon
  • All major villans from DBZ to DBAF (including Xicor, and movie villans)
  • Kais

​New transformations

  • Super Saiyan 5,6
  • Super Namek 1

Chapter 1

Goku and Bardock wre having an intense battle, shaking the the ground that they fought on. Bardock then powered up to SSJG.

Bardock: Goku I'm glad you helped me get this form, I like it a lot.

Goku: I'm glad you do.

Bardock: Alright, cut the talk, let's go!

Goku and Bardock then sped towards each other, charging ki blasts.

Before the 2 met, Bardock phased through Goku, then appeared behind him.

Bardock: Got you now!

Bardock then charged his Super Spirit Cannon and shot it right into his back.

Goku: Urgh! I'm starting to regret helping you get this form.

Bardock: Too bad, so sad. Now let's go o the max!

Bardock then powered up to max power and shot a Super Final Spirit Cannon.

Goku then launched a Kamehameha counter.

Goku: Darn! I'm losing! I think it's time!

Goku then aswell transformed into a SSJG and shot a Super Kamehameha into the regular Kamehameha, sparking his signature move, the Supreme Kamehameha.

Goku was starting to over power Bardock, but then suddenly...


Bardock: What was that?

Goku: I don't know?

King Kai: GOKU! There is a disturbance in the universe! The villains in HFIL are breaking out! There almost here!

Bardock: I thought you couldn't get out of HFIL.

King Kai: Of course you can, you just need a lot of negative energy to break the barrier.


King Kai: It's too late. Goku you must gather the Z-Fighters, to make a stand against them. And be warned they are all stronger then before, they all have at least one new transformation each. And good luck.... you'll need it. 

Chapter 2: Time for a GamePlan

Goku: Alright everyone we will spred out into groups understand?

Everyone: Understood.

Goku: Okay, Me and Vegeta, Goten and Trunks, Piccolo and Gohan, Pan and Bulla, Tien and Yamcha, er and Krillin, you can um..., you can wish us luck?

Krillin: Whoa, whoa, whoa there's still Chaoitzu though, or maybe even Master Roshi! Yeah, yeah!

Goku: Er yeah you can go with Chaoitzu.

Krillin: Oh yeah baby!

Goku: Yeah, okay um, anyways let's go!

Vegeta: What no sappy speech, about courage and saving the world?

Goku: Uh no, no, why?

Vegeta:Uhh, nevermind.

Goku: Okayy, then let's go. Goten, Trunks. I sense Raditz and Nappa nearbye you guys go get them.

Goten: Sure Dad.

Bardock: But son, what about me?

Goku: Oh yeah, um you and Vegeta Sr. team up then alright?

Bardock: Agreed.

Goten and Trunks then fly off towards the power levels.

Goten: This'll be easy.

Trunks: You said it.

Just then 2 figures struck Goten and Trunks each in their stomachs.

Raditz; Pitiful, these are saiyans?

Nappa: I know right? Then one with the orange gi your brother's son, and that one with the purple hair is " The Prince of all Saiyans" kid.

Raditz: No kidding?

Nappa: Now way.

Raditz: Well let's dispose of them I guess.

Nappa: Okay.

Goten: No way. You guys are gonna lose!

Goten and Trunks then charge upto Super Saiyan 1.

Trunks: Alright guys let's do this!

Nappa: You think you guys are the only one who can turn blonde?

Raditz: Well your mistaken then.

Raditz and Nappa aswell charge up to Super Saiyan 1.

Raditz: Time to die chumps.

Chapter 3: Raditz and Nappa VS Goten and Trunks

Goten: I don't think understand who you're messing with. We can slaughter you without trying.

Raditz: Big talk from someone who's eating dirt.

Goten got up and brushed himself off.

Trunks: Okay last chance to walk away from this peacefully.

Goten: Trunks you do know that we'll have to kill them still, right?

Trunks: Shhh, don't give it away.

Nappa: Hah! You're master plan ain't gonna work, you just gave it away. Tip for you next time, don't talk so loud.

Goten: Okay you know what! Screw this! Trunks let's just kill them!

Trunks: Alright, fine.

Raditz: Shutup! We're gonna kill you! Grind your bones in to the dust, drag your bleeding carcases across the this pathetic wasteland!

Goten: Big talk from someone who can't even turn Super Saiyan 2.

Raditz: Are you mocking me!? Oh and by the way we don't have to turn in to Super Saiyan 2's.

Goten: Put your money where your mouth is big man.

And with that Goten rocketed forwards round-house kicking Raditz in to the nearest mountain.

Goten: Hmph, you're not so tough.

Nappa: Oh jeez, did he just kill Raditz?

Just then Raditz climbed out of the rubble stumbling everywhere.

Goten: Resisliant little snot aren't you? I'll just put you out of you're misery now then.

Goten: Kamehameha!

Raditz was soon nothing but a pile of ash.

Nappa: Oh, okayyyy. Time to vamoose.

Trunks: You're not going anywhere. BURNING ATTACK!

Nappa was engulfed in a ball of pure energy then imploded, spewing his blood everywhere.

Goten: Well that was unecessary.

Trunks: Sorry about that.

Chapter 4: Coming soon...