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Tourmaline (human Form)


Anime name Tourmaline
Alternate Names

Android 4

Date of Birth ???


Gender Male



Red Ribbon Army (formerly)

Worshippers of Boreas


Dr. Gero (father)

Tourmaline is an android with a beast form. He is considered a faliure by Dr. Gero. 



As a child Tourmaline was homeless and without guidance, so he bacame very outcast. He had to steal food, and find his own shelter, becoming very weak, but very fast to make up for it. He became friends with another girl who was homeless due to running away from a physically abusive household from her step-father. They spent a lot of time together and became each others only source of comfort and strength, until she fell ill and eventually died, leaving him only her blue jacket, which she had originally gotten from her father. After her death, he remained on the streets, eventually being old enough to make money, and the only place that would give him food, shelter, and money with his background was the red ribbon army. He was eventually taken from the army to be used in experiments for the scientist Dr. Gero. He was not seen again


He woke up many years later with no idea what had happened to him. He was in a pile of rubble of what used to be a red ribbon army base, but it had been destroyed for so long it was overrun by animals and plants. He found his way to the nearest town, and realised at peast ten years had passed from when he was last conscious. With sonmuch time lost, he was confused about what had happened to him, and how he felt stronger rather than weaker, so he checked himself into a hospital and they flew him urgently to west city, to be examined by Dr. Briefs., who examines him with the help of his daughter. They have never seen anything of the like before, and ask if they can keep him in their home for further studies. 


Tourmaline has a temporary beast form that he can turn into at will, that gives him an incredible boost in strength, but strips him of energy based attacks, and some of his sanity and rational thinking. 

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Yaju's beast form

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