Sebox nightmare

True Nightmare (本当の悪夢)

"What's the best word to describe this form? Fear!"

True Nightmare (本当の悪夢 also might be known as True Nightmare Sebox or True Sebox) is Sebox's evil power considered to have attained to the maximum level.


He still remains the same appearance as Sebox. The only differences are the large dark-blue hair and completely black eyes with short white pupils.


Basically the same as the original Sebox, True Nightmare possesses more dangerous and fatal attacks than his original self. One of the new attacks are:

  • Hell Lightning: True Nightmare can summon huge purple lightnings from all over his body and can manipulate them and charge them at the opponent. Changes of paralysing are assured;
  • "Your nightmare has come!": A charge attack, where he brutally knees his opponent to the back of the neck then grabs his head, slams it to the ground while stomping multiple times then kicks the opponent far away while sending a massive energy wave towards him.