Tsuno is the Namekian village elder that Vegeta faces and kills for the Four-Star Namekian Dragon Ball. He
is the second eldest Namekian after his father, Grand Elder Guru.



Elder Tsuno

Elder Tsuno has 3 Warrior-type Namekians and 15 Dragon Clan members in his village. Elder Tsuno and the inhabitants of his village were killed by Vegeta, who was no longer controlled with Frieza due to his blatant betrayal. Thus, he and the other Namekians in his village are the only Namekians on the planet that are not revived by the wish from Shenron, since the wish was to revive those killed by Frieza and his henchmen. However, it is possible that Tsuno was revived sometime after Moori updated the Namekian Dragon Balls, as in the episode "Mighty Blast of Rage", Vegeta makes it quite clear to the other Nameks that Tsuno wasn't revived because he is the one who killed him and the Nameks from his village. The series made no statement with regards to a resurrection of the Nameks from the village that Vegeta destroyed.

Elder Tsuno holding a dead Namekian

Tsuno's name is first revealed by Dende in the manga while he, Krillin and Gohan sensed that Vegeta was attacking his village. It is also mentioned in the anime shortly after those on Namek are transported to Earth, the other Namekian remarking that people from Tsuno's village were missing. In the American VIZBIG manga, he is named "Elder Caracol".

Voice actors

  • Japanese Dub: Naoki Tatsuta
  • Ocean Group Dub: Alvin Sanders
  • FUNimation Dub: Christopher Sabat
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