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Somarinoa is a big fan of the Dragon Ball series from the turn of the century, to the extent of being completely obsessed with it during high school. Between 1999 and 2001, he and a school friend of his wrote numerous short fanfics/anime series concepts and created many characters and comedic quotes between classes. While nearly all of this information has likely been destroyed by choices of certain individuals of his past, he will try to add as much of it as he can here, mostly from memory.

Favorite articles

My favorite Dragon Ball themes


  • Cha-La-Head-Cha-La
  • DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku


Personal badge progress

I like to keep a public record of how I am coming along on the wikias I have worked on, and I plan on doing the same here, as well. This will allow all of you to keep track of how I am coming along.

  • Addicted: 4/100
  • World Champ!: 256/250
  • Decorator: 69/100
  • Wiki Expert: 360/500
  • Super Saiyan 3: 130/250
  • Community Hero: 27/50
  • Android 17: 30/50
  • High-Class Warrior: 23/25
  • Fat Buu: 4/5
  • Opinionator: 1/3
  • Something to Say: 0/1

Personal terminology

None of this terminology I expect anyone else to use. However, this can help other users keep track of what I may be referring to, and if you wish to use the names yourself, please, be my guest.

  • I refer to Frieza's species as Celcians, a name I came up with in 2000. Since then, I began to suspect that they were in fact Arcosians, though I still utilize my own personal name for them, because I like how it sounds. You're welcome to use it if you like it, too. I however will probably refrain from referring to them as such outside of my own articles.
  • I refer to Cui's species as Hemadeins.
  • I refer to Guldo's species as Basjins or Basins.
  • I refer to Beppa-seijins, Brench-seijins and Zalt-seijins as Beppans, Brenchians and Zaltians, respectively.
  • I am working on giving names to the various unnamed species throughout the series for me to use — currently this includes:

Race Project

I've been personally trying to figure out, at least for my own personal sake, what race each alien character belong to. Many are obviously officially decided upon, though here's some conclusions that I have come to on my own.

  • I consider Recoome to be part of Prince Daiz's race, the Kabochans. This is due to their similar hairstyles (shaved sides of the head with a more "bushy" hairstyle up top) combined with the brow ridge of both.

Personal characters gallery

A gallery of my personal Dragon Ball characters.

Commissioned images gallery

A gallery of Dragon Ball-related images I have been commissioned to do.

Favorite images gallery

My personal favorite images on the wiki. None of these were not added by myself, and I certainly don't take credit for any of it.

Dragon Ball game achievements

Achievements I have garnered in Dragon Ball games. There isn't many, but there's certainly some.

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2

  1. Destroyed a Formidable Foe!: Complete battle in Galaxy Mode for the first time.
  2. Fruits of Training: Obtain Rank S++ for the first time.
  3. First Galaxy!: Complete "BOSS MISSION" in Galaxy Mode for the first time.
  4. Training Journey: Fight on all maps.
  5. Famous Scene: Collect more than 30 illustrations.
  6. Battle Start!: Complete the first Battle Zone.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

  1. A Beginner Awakens!: Clear Basic tutorials.
  2. Intermediate Fire!: Clear Intermediate tutorials.
  3. The Story Begins: Clear the first chapter of the Saiyan Saga.
  4. The First Z Award: Clear a chapter with a Z rank on Normal difficulty.

List of all characters

For me to know which characters of mine have pages on this particular wiki or not, as well as to keep track of how many images I still need to create to create other missing pages.

Revitalized Z-Fighters/Galaxy Warriors

  1. Airbrush
  2. Bannock
  3. Buoy
  4. Gina von Chovy
  5. Kaalif
  6. Kale
  7. Lady Cashmi
  8. Llehs
  9. Seifome
  10. Ticholla
  11. Tract

Hypotherm's Extermination Squads

  1. Kokuwa


  1. Aput
  2. Cheroot
  3. Chilblain
  4. Frigit
  5. Hypotherm
  6. Lumi
  7. Talgg


  1. Bergmeister Bergamot
  2. Lady Marmalade


  1. Igarette
  2. Rillo
  3. Segar
  4. Stogee
  5. Torcedor

Intergalactic Invasion Force

  1. Daphnia, Kravvyn
  2. Ferrusk]
  3. General Bug
  4. King Thorax
  5. Kresh-Ra
  6. Kopepox, Kravvyn
  7. Remipel, Kravvyn
  8. Remipell II, Kravvyn Proglottid Clone
  9. Zoea, Kravvyn

Laiyas' Band

  1. Atriplex
  2. Ceci
  3. Epzoter
  4. Gaccu
  5. Gordo
  6. Kaalif
  7. Kardool
  8. Konja
  9. Kress
  10. Laiyas
  11. Lavor
  12. Pare
  13. Rutaba
  14. Sorrelo
  15. Tatsio
  16. Ticholla
  17. Ulluco
  18. Vacato

Ticholla's Family

  1. Boxer Brief
  2. Cami Brief
  3. Izal Brief
  4. Jock Brief
  5. Kini Brief
  6. Linger Brief
  7. Nicke Brief
  8. Pantal Brief
  9. Rajita Brief
  10. Shiral Brief
  11. Slipp Brief
  12. Tanga Brief
  13. Tappa Brief
  14. Zane

Miscellaneous Characters

  1. Aboga
  2. Badlock
  3. Crummock, Breadian
  4. Kurrat, Breadian
  5. Notastrykor, Kravvyn
  6. Prince Vicharr]
  7. Slake
  8. Slyme
  9. Stellaria]
  10. The Betterdeadman
  11. Zicai
  12. Zirro
  13. Unnamed Scandroid #1
  14. Unnamed Scandroid #2
  15. Unnamed Scandroid #3


  1. Bogart
  2. Callista
  3. Nph
  4. Schwarzen
  5. Stallone
  6. Swayze
  7. Thicke


  1. Juugou
  2. Juuichigou
  3. Juunigou

Cursed Saiyans

  1. Bruton
  2. King Urzerka, ruler of Planet Fayz
  3. Monarch Angzterk, ruler of Planet Fayzurj
  4. Queen Angsta, ruler of Planet Murj


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