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My name is James A.K.A Supreme Gogeta and I loved DBZ since I could remember. I am the founder and creator of this wiki! if you are new to this wiki plese see this for the Rules Thank you for joining my wiki and I hope you have a great time! I love Hard Rock, Punk Rock, and Classic Heavy Metel music no not scremo but Heavy Metel my favorite bands not in order is Three days grace,Motley Crue,Guns N Roses,Aero Smith,Alice Cooper,ACDC,Ozzy Osbourne,Ronney Dio,Black Sabbath, MotorHead, Green Day, The Ramones, Iron Maiden, Drowning Pool, Disturbed, Slayer, Metalica, Megadeth, Johnny Cash, Rush, Accept, Overkill, Deep Purple, Marilyn Manson, Peroxwh?ygen, Judas Priest, Anthrax, Nonpoint, Five Finger Death Punch, Linkin Park, Eminem, Eazy E, Tyler The Creator, Hopsin, SwizZz, Dizzy Wright, 2 Pac and thats all I can think of right now. I am also a huge fan of Wrestling even bigger then Dragon Ball! I am going to be inactive for the time being so if anyone messages me I will not reply to it. Sorry everyone but I am to busy to be on any Wiki right now. It's been fun an thank you all for helping out the Wiki I created it means a lot. I will stop by every now an than.


Favorite Characters Not In Order

Cell Jr., Cell, Goku, Vegeta, Vegito, Gogeta, Teen Gohan, Future Gohan, Future Trunks, Android 19, Android 17, Android 14, Android 15, Android 13, Android 20, Super Android 13, Super Android 17, Piccolo, Raditz, Cooler, King Cold, Bardock, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, Turles, Brloy, Frieza, Nappa, Tein, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Evil Buu, Fat Buu, Old Kai, King Kai, Grand Kai, Grand Supreme Kai, fat Janemba,turtle,kid Krillin, Yajirobe, Veku, Lord Slug, Bojack, All of the Red Ribbon Army, Mercanary Tao, Cymbal, Tambourine, King Piccolo, Pikkon, and Dabura.

Least Favorite Characters Not In Order

Pan, Puar, Oolong, Bra, Videl, Great Saiyaman, Kid Trunks, Chi-Chi, Marron, Nerd Gohan, GT Gohan, Kid Gohan, Cui, Krillin, Gotenks, everyone of Hercules fans, Van Zant, and Pui Pui.

Favorite Movies Not in order

My favorite DBZ movies are Tree of Might, Coolers Revenge, The Return of Cooler, Super Android 13, Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly: The Second Coming,Fusion Reborn, Bardock: The Father of Goku, Lord Slug, Bojack Unbound, and The History of Trunks

Favorite Techniques And Attacks

Fuesion, Big Bange Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha, Kaioken, Special Beam Cannon, Spirit Bomb, Death Beam, Destructo Disk, Hellzone Grenade, Evil Blast, Body Change, Kamehameha, Salza Blade, and Galick Gun.

There is more but I don't want to list them all.

Dragon Ball Video Games I've Played

Dragon Ball Sagas, Dragon Ball Buus Furry, Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, Dragon Ball GT Final Bout, Dragon Ball Budokai 2, Dragon Ball Budokai 3, Dragon Ball Z Infinite World, Dragon Ball Raging Blast, and Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2.

My Favorite Sagas not in order

Cell Saga, Cell Games Saga, Android Saga, Super 17 Saga, Baby Saga, Frieza Saga, Future Trunks Saga, Red Rebon Army Saga, World Tornament Saga (Dragon Ball), King Piccolo Saga, Piccolo Jr. Saga, Tien Shinhan Saga, General Blue Saga, and Sayian Saga.

My Least Fovorite Sagas not in order

Great Sayaiman Saga, Fusion Saga, Kid Buu Saga, World Tornament Saga (Dragon Ball Z), Pilaf Saga, and Shadow Dragon Saga.

My Fan Fics

my fan fic is called MDBS here is a link to my fan fic MDBS hope you like it!

I have another Fan Fic that me and Nappa'sgoatee make togather here is a link it is called Dragon Ball MT hope you like it!

My Youtube account

You can find me on Youtube here is a link to my channel. SupremeGogeta619?


I can be found on the Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki's Chatango group, if you would like to join us for easier communication then messaging back and forth.Here is the link to our personal Chatango group.

My Sigs

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American Holidays

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Galick Gun
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Final Flash
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Big Bang Attack
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Special Beam Cannon
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true Super Saiyan and you know it!
Majuub.jpg Supremegogeta thinks that Uub should've never merged with Buu
DBGT.jpg Supremegogeta Thinks that Dragon Ball GT is Canon
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Big Bang Kamehameha fan.
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This user just transformed into a Super Saiyan 2!
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Pikkon fan.
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Majin one time, or still is one.
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King Cold fan.
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