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Vegedock is the Potara Earring result between Bardock and King Vegeta fusing. He can take on Vegito or Gogeta. He has much hate towards the Cold family especially Frieza. He exists in Dragon Ball NS. His Fusion Dance alternate is Bartack. His name is made of Vegeta and Bardock.Vegedock has the power to unfuse whenever.


King Vegeta and Bardock's fury

Universal Tournament Part 1

Universal Tournament Part 2

Appearance and Personality

Vegedock has the face of King Vegeta and the bandana of Bardock. His personality is much like his son Vegito. He has Potara Earrings because he is a potara fusion. Vegedock as a Super Saiyan-Super Saiyan 3 looks the same but with yellow hair. As a Super Saiyan 4 he has red fur and a piece of armor on his waist.


Vegedock can go Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6 and 7. SS3 Vegedock uses too much energy. He can also go Great Ape and Golden Great Ape.

Techniques and Special Abilities

Ki Blast-ability to shoot ki

Flight-ability to fly

  1. Martial Arts-fighting skills
  2. Final Revenger-combo by Bardock
  3. Flash Spirit-combo by Bardock
  4. Orga Blaster-combo by King Vegeta
  5. Galick Impact-taught to King Vegeta by Vegeta
  6. Super Galick Gun-one of King Vegeta's best attacks
  7. Super Final Spirit Cannon-one of Bardock's best attacks
  8. Super Kamehameha-taught to Bardock by Goku
  9. Galick Kamehameha-combination of Galick Gun and Kamehameha
  10. Purple Fury-taught to King Vegeta by Vegeta

Kaio-ken-taught to Bardock by Goku

  1. Kaio Fury-combination of Purple Fury and Kaio Ken
  2. Flash Impact-combination of Flash Spirit and Galick Impact
  3. Orga Revenger-combination of Orga Blaster and Final Revenger
  4. Saiyan Shield-a move that doesn't make you flinch for some time
  5. Saiyan Barrier-make a barrier around you and protects you from anything for some time
  6. Saiyan Rage-taught to Vegedock by Gotenks and Pula
  7. Angry Bang Attack-combination of Angry Kamehameha and Big Bang Attack
  8. Explosive Wave-powerful attack


"Angry Bang Attackkkkkk"
— Vegedock attacking

"Let's finish this, explosive wave"
— Vegedock attacking

"Die, I am the saiyan race's revenge you ice jin bastards"
— Vegedock to Freiza,Cooler in 5th form

"Look, it's Freiza. He will get hurt in the tournament by me don't worry."
— Vegedock to his sons