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(Vin Concept art. Many thanks to the artist who Did this for me, They know who they are, If I could, I would put a public name for them, But I do not have one that I know of)

ヴィン (Viin)
Alternate names The Next Supreme Kai of Time, The Forgotten Future Warrior, Nicknamed Wain by Trunks, also has been called Wain by Zeno, Whis, Vados, Zamusu, Goku Black, The Grand Elder Priest, and by many other Angels, also rarely by Old Kai
Appears in Dragon Ball XV: Ep.1 S.1: Trunk's Wish! A Hero is Summoned! (Self made) (First appearance)
Race Saiyan/Human/Core-Worlder Hybrid
Gender Female
Date of birth Age 846 (Created fully Matured, at a biological age of 20, Doesn't age)
Date of death Age 850 (revived), Age 974 (revived), and Age 1000 (revived)
Height 4'7" (1.397 M)
Weight 109 Ib (49.4416 Kg)
Address Conton City or Vin's Ship
Occupation Time Patroller
Allegiance Time Patrol, Elite Time Patrol, Vin's Crew, Chronoa, Trunks (Time Patrol)
Likes Training, Humor, Time Patrolling, Fighting, Mathematics, Coding, Puzzles, Games, Wines (although she is unable to become drunk), Socializing with time patrollers, Flying, and Chess
Dislikes Mira, Towa, Being Called Wain, Being Interrupted, Demigra, The Demon Realm in general, Fu, Cell (reminds her of Mira), Coffee, Grapes, Tall people, being bored, or Kiritami and Sleet arguing, as well as loud noises.
Family Related to Trunks and Chronoa, having been created by Shenron, Married to the youngest son of Akumo, Kiritami, she adopted the Frieza clan outcast Sleet, and is the mother of Atazarii, and is about to have a second child, a Son named Akuma, In honor of Kiritami's Father


Vin is short and spirited Saiyan Female, with black hair that she is able to style: unlike most Saiyans. However even such she mostly doesn't style it, and it takes a regular shape often as a result, instead of becoming knotted and messy. She possesses deep blue piercing eyes, which are one of the only marks of her mixed heritage as a Core-Worlder/Saiyan hybrid. She has a slim build, and she does not appear to have much in the way of musculature, despite being able to match Goku in terms of physical strength on roughly even terms. She prefers dark green blue hued clothes, mixed with other blue shades and black colors, she typically keeps her tail tucked into her outfit, despite not having any sensitivity in it due to her genetics and heritage. Her skin is lightly tanned, but in moon light has a faint sheen to it, which becomes a bluish hue in the full moon or presence of sufficient Blutz waves, which contributes a semi eerie effect to her appearance, this is residual from her Saiyan ancestry, being suppressed by her Core-Worlder blood. Her short size is especially noticeable around the other members of her team, who are usually much taller than her. However, her sheer force of personality is more than enough to overwhelm her lack of stature.

Super Saiyan: In this transformation, her hair spikes a bit, but remains mostly the same other than turning the golden yellow common to Super Saiyan, when angry, she gains a reddish tinge, very similar to the false super saiyan transformation, her pupils also turn the lighter shade of blue, yet remain noticeably darker than other Super Saiyan's transformations. She also gains the yellow energy sheathe typical of the transformation.

Super Saiyan 2: In this form, she gains about half an inch longer hair, which she will typically immediately brush out of her eyes out of annoyance, even resorting to a ki blast if already angered or annoyed to burn off the extra length, She gains a far more noticeable lightning effect, some of which is permanently active, (for example, her eyes often spark whenever she gets angry, and that usually somewhere in her hair, a continues arc of lighting may crackle into being for several minutes before fizzling out)

Super Saiyan 3: Vin has yet to make use of this transformation, as she gained it only after achieving stronger transformations (namely: super saiyan god rose and super saiyan 4)

Super Saiyan 4: Vin's musculature increases (which coincidentally, makes her standard-fare thin-plated armor and skirt or pants uncomfortable, which means she only rarely made use of this transformation), and her armor is ineffective while using this form, due to its displacement and Ill fitting with. she has red fur across most of her body, and her tail becomes as sensitive as it might for a normal saiyan, as which this is one of the exceedingly rare times where she allows it to be visible, usually having it wrapped around her waist, she also has her hair quite longer, and brushes it back into a short braid (by now she is proficient enough with her Ki control to use Ki to braid it very quickly), her eyes retain the lighter blue coloration gained from her super saiyan transformation, nor does she gain the usual scowl typical of the form.

Super Saiyan 5: at this point, Vin is sufficiently annoyed enough to break off her armor, which is useless by now, and very broken, as such, she is covered in white fur sufficiently to cover her almost completely, ending around her neck (climbing it at the back briefly), she has her aura about 12x increased area wise, elongated teeth, her tail turns white, and her eyes are yellow and bloodshot, as well as down to almost pinpoints. her hair waves around in the air, completely suspended in the air, and what little fabrics on her rapidly deteriorate under the strain, she is only able to maintain enough control over this energy enough to preserve her pants, which she would freak if they would wear out from it (although they are quite tattered and really only function as shorts soon after the transformation. Her hair also turns white and spiked.

Super Saiyan God: She develops Bright Red hair, sometimes (rarely), tinged pinkish at the edges, Her hair grows neater and takes on a lesser profile. her eyes become a bright red.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan: Vin Gains Pure light blue eyes, and her hair turns a light pure sky blue color. Meanwhile, her ki aura is triple the range of Super Saiyan god, this aura also becomes semi-defensive, pushing outwards. She gains a very active lightning sheathe to her aura when sufficiently angered, Her hair also resembles her Super Saiyan form's hair style, albeit less messy, and slightly less prominent.

Super Saiyan God Rose: Her eyes turn a dark pink hue, as well as her hair, the air stills around her, and her Ki Aura radius reduces to about a foot around her, and pulls inward, towards her, she moves far quicker and has faster reflexes, when angered sufficiently, the aura expands dramatically, to about fourfold the radius of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and she gains a massive speed increase: (25x faster).

Ultra Instinct (1st Omen): Vin gains a sheen to her Hair, and she sweats slightly. Her Ki aura completely vanishes. She also typically lets her tail be unrestricted, and uses it to great advantage, making her extremely lethal while in melee combat. (She has only used this once)


Jikan Mirror: A Powerful Ability, that allows her to "borrow" the Stamina, Ki, and Life Force, of every potential variation of each moment, The Effectiveness of this ability regularly is in flux, and always shifts, however, she is limited in the amount she can "borrow", and is unable to borrow God-Ki in this way.

Ki Blast: Basic energy wave

Tri Ki Cannon: Vin's standard Beam attack, as following it's name, it uses the inherent three Ki energies, which mix to form an ultra-dense energy, that can overpower even god-ki, if timed correctly in tune with the enemy's Ki circulation

Spirit Bomb Cannon: A modified Spirit Bomb, essentially functions as a beam attack, but with a extended charge time, noted especially for it's range and power, as well as it's radius.

Form crush: something Vin is developing, she mentioned it being "problematic" to work on and perfect, she also expressed hope in it's usefulness in combating powerful transformations, as well as keeping Atazarii's raw uncontrollable power under control

Vin Cannon: a technique Vin mentioned working on briefly

Galick Gun: A traditional attack used by the Saiyan Elite class of Universe Seven, as well as especially by their nobility. Vin's varient of this attack is uniquely Blue, or Red, depending on which source of Ki she is drawing it from.

Instant transmission: By locking onto a familiar or powerful ki-source, Vin can essentially teleport to that source instantaneously by putting her ki into her fingertips and pressing them to her forehead, she has also exhibited the ability to use this technique at a moment's notice, even without the typical forehead tap, but it's accuracy suffers slightly

Vanishing Step: A high speed reflexive movement, that momentarily renders sight of vin impossible, as she hits forty times the speed of light for the span of a few milliseconds, used as a dodge, as well as to close distance.

Warping Galick Gun: Vin combines an Instant Transmission and Galick Gun to instantly appear and attack unexpectedly.

Super Galick Gun: A powered-up Galick Gun Energy Wave

Time Skip: Due to her absorption of the Living Time Scroll, she has gained the powers of a Supreme Kai Of Time, and is marked as Chronoa's Successor, this grants Vin growing influence over the flow of time, and by studying under Hit, she has learned the same unique temporal skills of the assassin, and uses them to deadly effect. This particular move allows Vin to strike her opponent from outside the flow of time.x

After-Image: Vin travels many hundreds times the speed of light, intentionally pausing every so often to create a flickering image for her opponent to strike at, instead of her.

Continuous Energy Bullet: A rapid Ki-Blast Energy Blast Attack, Vin's variant appear as crackling bolts of blue or red fire, sometimes purple, depending on which Ki pool she is tapping into

Flight: Vin is capable of utilizing her Ki to fly, she at top speeds gains a purplish energy sheathe, although she could use it as a red or blue color if she so chose

Kiai: A Direct manifestation of her Ki and fighting spirit, this exhibits as shockwaves when she charges ki, and usually encapsules her fists in a whitish aura, which is super heated and can cause burns

Spirit Bomb: Vin is capable of calling on a spirit bomb, she does not use the super spirit bomb variant

Healing Touch: By transferring her life force, Vin can heal even lethal injuries in allies with a simple touch, however, it slightly weakens Vin herself

Illusion Magic: Vin is capable of using magic to create Illusions, It is noted by Towa, that she possesses raw talent with Illusions and even though being an amature Illusionist, her Illusions surpass the capabilities of almost any Illusionist in the past few Millenium

Metamoran Fusion Dance: Vin is aware of the Metamoran fusion Dance, but can only fuse with Chronoa with this, and instead relies on her Potara Earrings usually

Kai-Kai: A teleportation Technique used by the Kais

Ki-Sense: Vin can sense Ki as accurately as a scouter, and often can estimate the exact power level

Ki-Transfer: Vin can gift her Ki to others, but only her own current self's Ki, and cannot use the Jikan to supply this Ki

Telekinesis: Vin possesses weak Latent Telekinetic abilities

Limited Emotional Telepathy: Vin can sense Emotions on physical contact

Temporal Do-Over: Vin can rewind up to 3 Minutes in the past, It is noted that this Power typically is only possessed by the Angel Guide

Time Scroll's Rebirth: Vin is immune to Being Killed or even Erased or to the effects of Hakai due to her bond and absorption of the Living Time Scroll, She is capable of being killed, but is reborn a few moments later outside of time with the scroll and no memory of her death, yet the scroll replays the events, and then places her back to the exact point where she can do the most to change it

Time Traveler's Stride: Vin can step across the timelines, This is noted to be identical in effects to a Time ring

Time magic: Vin can wield potent time magic

Personality & History

Vin is the leader of the Time Wandering Semi-Sanctioned Time Patrol team, known as Vin's Irregulars, She is extremely Intelligent and exhibits a biting sense of humor (especially when bored or provoked). She has a dual nature, either leaning towards the Saiyan's love of battle, or a need to analyze everything and to carefully plan each move. Regardless, she possesses a pure heart, as exhibited by her participation in Kiritami's Super Saiyan God ritual, or her ability to call a nimbus cloud on earth, this is more likely, in light of her abilities, more of a reflection of her Core-worlder heritage and the best of the Saiyan Heritage that resulted in this, than any particular upbringing (which she lacks). She is quick to anger, and possesses a lightning fast temper, which is quick to fade, indeed, she is able to forgive almost any wrong, in favor of peace, yet she viciously hounds those who attack her or her team.

She has a standing rivalry with the android Mira, without any of the friendliness her daughter, Atazarii later has towards the android, and feels guilty for failing to destroy him in their confrontation in a time distortion of the Buu Saga, In which she utilized the Spirit Bomb Cannon for the First time. She has a grudging respect for Towa's Intellect and clarity of purpose, even though she violently disagrees with her, the two have clashed numerous times. Towa loathes her with a special rage, after Vin and Chronoa Fused to defeat Demigra, with the potara earrings. However, Demigra was revived when Vin broke away from the mainstream time patrol, and replaced herself in time with another warrior, so she could live a free life, away from the constant clashes with Mira and Towa, and raise her adopted son, Sleet.

Vin was Created from the Dragon Balls, in the original timeline, in which Trunks (future) wished for a warrior to help fight Mira and Towa. Shenron used the nearest gene set, of trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa, to create Vin, with the most perfect Genetics he could, however, due to a small oversight, Vin lacked a gene to be the perfect warrior, and that gene manifested in her Dramatically more powerful daughter, Atazarii, (also a Legendary Super Saiyan, who also turned out to be slightly imperfect in her own way.

Equipment and other possessions

  • She owns a Spacecraft, named the Time Dancer, which is a highly advanced craft using the best technology from throughout time
  • She wears a Potara earring gifted to her by Chronoa on her second birthday, it is apparently protected by Chronoa's magic, restoring to absolute perfect condition each morning, and reforms in Vin's pocket if destroyed after 4 hours, Vin wears both at all times, however, usually uses her Illusion magic to conceal them.

Trivia and other notes

>Vin in means "Wine" in french, and Wain is a translation of Wine into Japanese

>Vin was named after my favorite Character in the Mist Born Trilogy; Vin (Later Vin Venture), as well as her earliest character concept

>Vin was my first CaC in Xenoverse, and that forms the current base foundation of the Character

>Vin also happens to be my pet name for my Girl Friend XD (Triple coincidence; I love the name! Alright!?)

> at one point, She also filled Atazarii's role, and in that timeline had a fling with time patrol trunks (this was before I decided on him being related to her, so don't give me shit)

Non canon (cursed af deleted s**t)

Vin was pivotal in the events of the Fall of Zeno, during and after the Zamusu Second Distortion (Zamusa Reborn Saga), and the fall of the time patrol and subsequent tragedies leading up to The Final War of the Demon Realm, In which she sacrificed herself to halt Demigra at the Battle of the Demon God's Fist. (future--->old Age 999,999) (old cursed arc)