Vegeta (P)

Virginia Defeated

Vegeta and goku (P)

Virginia versus Kakka Carrot Cake, Dragonzball P

Virginia is the Dragonzball P version of Vegeta. He is a saiyan, who believes in the Super Sand legend, which happens once every 1000 years. He is very dimicky, and is Kakka Carrot Cake's rival. His first fight was against, Kakka Carrot Cake, where he was beaten with a single slap. His second fight was with Freezy Pop, the Dragonzball P version of Frieza, in his first form. He was once again beaten, using Freezy Pop's strongest attack, the Death Band, which is the Dragonzball P version of Death Ball. After he was beaten, he had to talk to Kakka Carrot Cake, which made him halfway through reaching his Super Sand form. Instead, Krillin died and filled in the other half, and Kakka Carrot Cake finally reached his Super Sand form.