Anime name Vivo
Manga name Ikiru
Alternate names Big Sister, Clueless (By Āyke), The Paranoid (By Āyke)
Debut Episode 1
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Chosen Elite
Race Unknown
Gender Female
Date of birth 787 E.E
Date of death N/A
Height 5 foot 10 inches
Weight 102 lbs.
Address She does not like stalkers either.
Occupation Fighter
Allegiance The Last
Likes Many things, Boys
Dislikes Many things, Ice-Jins
Family Āyke (Little Brother), Derideas (Little Sister)

Vivo (生きる; Ikiru) is Dragon Ball: The Chosen Elite's secondary main protagonist. She is the older brother of Āyke and Derideas. Her name is derived from Spanish tradition, "Vivo" means "live" in English. She is the leader of the family in intelligence and age terms, and she has to take care of her brother and sister as she has no idea of what her parents were. She is 17 years old, followed by Āyke at 12, and Derideas at 9.

As said previously, Vivo has no idea of where her parents are, same for her brother and sister. She was born on a different planet than her brother and sister, which brings theory in question, if she is a half-sister or actually a real sister, but her parents had to move to another planet. This question bothers her as well as it bothers Āyke, but she does not let that blind her fighting spirit.


The name "Vivo" is derived from Spanish tradition, which means "live" in English. There are theories, to that Vivo was named this way because her parents were encountering a hard time, and they rather her to live than die. Vivo is also one of author Johnathan Drake's first words as an infant. Her father was planned early in the development stages to be the protagonist in the series, but more people leaned towards the idea of a youthful character, so the protagonist became a teen, more specifically, her brother, Āyke.


She likes to wear Saiyan women clothing, to make her appear more "adultish" than her younger sister Derideas. She takes somewhat a similar appearance to Fasha, a Saiyan woman that was part of the main character in the original series Dragon Ball, Goku, his father, Bardock's group. She likes to wear violet panties, and the normal Saiyan armor with violet gloves. She has gray hair, just like her brother and sister. She is the only of her family to actually look her age, Āyke looks muscular like an adult, and Deridea appears more than 9, more like 14.


She is a laid-back, and awfully skillful teenager. She shows great strategic skill, as well as some cravings to fight. She shows much influence by the Saiyan race, due to her race too being influenced greatly by the Saiyan race. She tends to go a little overboard when she is unable to defeat an opponent, and can go paranoid if she cannot think of any plan.