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Vogeta is the Fusion Dance of Gogeta and Vegito, and the counter part to his Potara Earrings Fusion Gogito. He was fused together when Master Shenron proved to be to strong for Vegito and Gogeta.


He is very childish like Gogeta was when he fought Omega Shenron.


He was formed when Gogeta and Vegito were brought to a alternative universe where a much stronger Shenron,Master Shenron . Omega Shenron absorbed all of the Dragon Balls in the galaxy, inculding the Black Star Dragon Balls and the Namekian. When Vogeta was born he instantly started to pumble Master Shenron, who didn't stand a chance. When he stated that he was holding back he was not lieing in the fact that he actually started to beat Vogeta. Vogeta transformed and decided to finish and did with a single attack.


He has all the abilities of Gogeta and Vegito, this also includes the moves that only Vegeta and Goku are seen using, but not Vegito or Gogeta.

  • Big Bang Final Kamehameha-Is his ultimate technique. He places his hands out in front of him like a Final Kamehameha and charges a spear that is bigger then his entire body then fires it.
  • 1,000x Big Bang Kamehameha-Is a more power full version of the Big Bang Kamehameha
  • 1,000x Final Kamehameha-Is a more power full version of the Final Kamehameha
  • 100,000,000x Kamehameha-Is the strongest version of the Kamehameha. It is the size of an entire planet when fired, and is green instead of Blue.
  • 100,000,000x Final Flash-Is the strongest version of the Final Flash. It levels several miles of lands while charging, and is big enough to swallow the earth. It is blue instead of yellow.
  • 100,000,000x Galick Gun-Is the strongest version of the Galick Gun. It is only the size of Earth's moon. And is red instead of purple.
  • 100,000,000x Big Bang Attack-Like the rest of the 100,000,000x Attacks, it is the strongest version of its original. It is the size of the Earth, and pure white.
  • 10x Final Dragon Flash-Is a fusion of the Final Flash and the Dragon Fist, Final Dragon Flash, only this one is 100 times more powerful. Final Dragon Flash comes from Vegito.
  • 10x Spirit Galick Shot-Is a fusion of the Spirit Shot and the Galick Gun. While performing the Spirit Shot, the user fires out a Galick Gun, or a Double Galick Gun since both hands fire it out. Spirit Galick Shot comes from Gogeta.

Power Level

  • Base-3,648,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan-182,400,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan 2-364,800,000,000,000
  • Super Saiyan 3-1,459,200,000,000,000


  • Vogeta is one the strongest Saiyans to have ever existed, and no single being can stop him. The other strongest being Gogito, or their fusion Vogito.
  • Even though he has enormous power he still lasts the entire 30 mins.
  • Vogeta is one of the strongest character yet in Dragon Ball Universe.