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Vogito is the fusion of Gogito and Vogeta. He is not only a Potara Fusion, but also a Fusion Dance fusion. He is the strongest being out of the four universes that created him. meaning that he has eight different families.


He was born, or created, when Master Shenron and Inferno Broly teamed up. Even though originally they were both easily defeated separately, but when they teamed up Vogeta and Gogito had a very difficult time, especially when Inferno Broly revealed his Legendary Super Saiyan 3 form.

Fight and Union

After Inferno Broly had followed Gogito back to his timeline, he had found a planet that was trying to rebuilt Frieza's empire, and he used their healing chamber. It took 3 years for it to follow heal him, do to all the damage brought on by Gogito.

Master Shenron, had not been completely obliterated, and he used the Namekian Dragon Balls to reform himself. When he did he killed over half the Namekians and then headed to earth. Where he found Inferno Broly, and then they planned their revenge.

Vogeta was the first to fall, by their hands. He was not killed, only his fusion did not last long enough to defeat them. And they could not sense his energy over each others. Then they attacked Gogito who fared better, but in the end lost. He finally used a Solar Flare to escape. When he found Vogeta's universe, they fought together. The put up a good fight, but then they failed. Gogito suggested the perform a potara fusion dance. They started their dance, and at the same time the blasted their energy to blow up their right and left earrings, causing them to permanently fuse.

Now as Vogito, they easily over powered the two. When Inferno Broly showed his Legendary Super Saiyan 3 form to them, they did not worry, instead they fought him. Vogito had a fair fight with his normal form. He went Super Saiyan and wiped the floor with him.


x4,203,232,423,235,543,345 Schlong Kamehameha: the ultimate kamehameha. has to be launched from a schlong. is white instead of blue. strong enough to destroy zen-ohly (the fusion of zen-oh and inferno broly) with one shot.

thot punisher: the ultimate version of soul punisher. reduces even the strongest of thots to dust. used to defeat master thotron (the fusion of master shenron and the thot clot)


- since he is a fusion of fusions of fusions, and fusion multiplies your dong size greatly, his schlong is larger than the galaxy and can defeat master shenron with 1 slap.