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Western Supreme Kai
Nishi no Kaiōshin
Anime name West Supreme Kai
Alternate names Western Supreme Kai
West Kaioshin
Debut "End of Earth"
Appears in
Dragon Ball Z
Race Shin-jin
Gender Female
Date of birth About 100 Million Before Age
Date of death About 5 Million Before Age
Address Sacred World of the Kais
Occupation Supreme Kai
  • Grand Supreme Kai (boss)
  • Northern Supreme Kai (fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Eastern Supreme Kai (fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Southern Supreme Kai (fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Western Supreme Kai (西の界王神) was the ruler of the Western Quadrant of the universe.


    Western Supreme Kai confronts Buu

    The Western Supreme Kai lived a peaceful life on the Sacred World of the Kais with the other Supreme Kais. She was the only female Supreme Kai. She was a young, beautiful, and playful goddess. When Majin Buu and Bibidi attacked the Sacred World of the Kais, Western Supreme Kai was the first to fight against Buu. They fought in an arctic place. Even when fighting at her best, she still was no match for Buu, and she is easily killed with a blast to the back.


    Like the rest of his peers, she is stated to be much stronger than the Eastern Supreme Kai and a thousand times more powerful than Frieza.

    Special abilities

    Video game appearance


    • Her death is chronologically the first known death of a named character in the series.


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