Wizz is Madaran (note: Madarans - race similar to Nameks). He will appear in some of fanons (requests may be accepted).


He's red, as Madarans are, tall about 2 meters and 50 tons heavy.

Wizz activated his 3rd eye during ritual.

He has 2 eyesbut during rituals he has 3 eyes. He wears blue-green gi and blue earrings.


As his name says (well, reminds of), he likes to go fast. He can't take all things serious, as an example - fight. His emotions are random. In some moment he will laugh, but in some he's short temperd. In his first fight he was very scared, because his enemy was the strongest kid Madaran, but he defeated him.




As Madaran, he gets huge amount of power on birth, but compared with other Madarans, he's at adverage level.


  • Wizz - Technique which Wizz invented. He must power up and fly toward enemy, but not hit him. He dodges him with word "Whiz!" and does it several times until his enemy is confuse. After that Wizz hits enemy in back.
  • Ki Blast - Usuall Ki Blast
  • Flight - Usuall Ki Flight
  • Kiai