Anime name Yama
Manga name Yama
Alternate names The Lord of Death

Phantom's brother

Debut Chapter 27: Yama
Appears in
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Date of birth ????
Date of death ????
Height ????
Weight ????
Address ????
Occupation Lord of Death (formerly)
Co-Captain of the Zan'ei Gundan
Allegiance None
Likes ????
Dislikes ????
Family Hidden Phantom (Brother)
Yama (閻魔大 in Japanese) is a Reploid that appears in Dragon Ball: Neo Arcadia, as the main antagonist of the Yama Arc, and he later became a protagonist alongside the Resistance Base and the Four Guardians. He is brother to Hidden Phantom.


He is wearing a black catsuit running down from his jawline, with a special symbol on his chest. The suit runs uninterrupted along each limb until crossing the elbows and knees, at which point, with the exception of his right arm, they are further covered in sturdy black armor, along with red trim-like pattern on the armor parts. His right armor, however, is covered with a gauntlet, emiting purple flames, which he uses for energy blast.