This is King Piccolo in his "Young Adult" age and in his super form, He is 1,000,000 times stronger then King piccolo and is more trained.


Super King Piccolo's skin is red, His clothing is black, And he has two glowing runes on his head, One black, One red. 


Super King Piccolo

Super King Piccolo launching a Super Demon Blast.

Super Demon Blast - A bright red blast of energy, Has enough power to blast three planets in a row, Super King Piccolo's signature move.

Ki Blasts - Traditional Ki blasts.

Regeneration - As a namekian he can regenerate very fast aslong as his head isn't damaged.

Telepathy - Super King Piccolo can use telepahty to talk people through his mind.

Flight - Super King Piccolo can fly using his energy.

Demon Murder - A move in which let's king piccolo make 10 kicks or punches at once.

Resist Capture - Super King Piccolo can backthrow attacks or spells that means to capture him.

Daedrom Zankeri - Works like kaioken, But doesn't put a strain on the body, But only goes up to Daedrom Zankeri x20

Demonic Beam Cannon - Fires a lightning stream that affects everything around it, And disintegrates anything that it hits.

Unknown DBZ Soundtrack

Unknown DBZ Soundtrack

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