There once was this evil Saiyan called Bardin. (Pun on Bardock.) He survived extinction by going into a space ship. So he trained and trained, and was then able to use all the Super Saiyan forms.


Piccolo Tries to Defend Himself from Bardin

Bardin went to Earth and challenged Vegeta. Vegeta went Super Saiyan 2 and Bardin went Super Saiyan 3 . Bardin easily powned Vegeta. So he went


to Satan City and destroyed it. Bardin went to Kame's Lookout and killed Dende, Tien, and Piccolo. Goku thought this was enough and challenged Bardin. SS4 vs SS4, but Bardin said he would only fight him if Gohan came to fight him to. So it was SS4 vs. SS4 and SS2. Gohan and Goku did a father son Kamehameha but he merely slapped it aside. He used Dragon Blast of Raging Fury on Gohan almost fatally injuring him. Goku got mad and went combo punch on Bardin. It hurt Bardin a little bit. So Bardin went Legendary Awesomeness Best of All Super Saiyan. Goku tried a Ultimate Kamehameha but it merely bounced off Bardins chest. Bardin used Ticking Time Bomb Full Power ( It is a giant Red ball like 10 feet tall and is very powerful) to destroy Earth. He teleported out before it exploded. But sadly he was killed when a piece of exploding Earth hit the planet he was on.