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Zaki is a low class Saiyan with a older twin brother named Taiki, 2 younger brothers - Hanzo (Keui) and Thomas (Shiro), And a sister named Allison(Casi). Zackary lived most of his childhood collecting food for dinner. He was raised by a good-hearted black Frost Demon with a green core and forehead named Tundra. If you guys wanna read a story that takes place before the Backstory of this Scenario Click Here Brussol


A Long time ago on a Planet named Sai, there was a Saiyan named Brussol, Bruss for short. He was a low class Saiyan Although his level was close to the King of Planet Sai, One day a Frost Demon named Arctic attacked Planet Sai when Bruss was a kid at a mere power level of 350. 30 Years Later, Bruss was now At a power level of 30'000, Now a Father of 5 Cubs and has a Wife named Letta. One day on a solo mission Bruss was alone and then started having Suspicions of Arctic destroying Planet Sai, then realized he was under attack by the Arctic Force. as some soldiers attack Bruss but lose, and defeats Dodoria but then Zarbon shows up with a Transformation nearly killing Bruss. and then Bruss has a vision of Arctic destroying Planet Sai and escapes a incubation chamber, he tries going upstairs almost giving up but then he has a Vision of his son Zaki fighting arctic. he tries telling the other Sai Saiyans about Arctic but they Laugh, Bruss walks outside as Taiki and Blaze(Bruss' Nephew) See Bruss, Bruss Tells the 2 to escape Planet Sai as fast as they can. They try escaping but Arctic Force only catches Blaze and Taiki While a energy blast was shot at Casi's Space Pod allowing it to head towards Earth but in a different location then the others. Meanwhile Bruss confronts Arctic while he makes a Supernova sending it towards Planet Sai with Bruss firing a Tyrant Lancer, but the Supernova consumes the Tyrant Lancer then later it hits Planet Sai, Destroying it with every Saiyan On it.

Red Ribbon Army Saga

7 Years after the destruction of Planet Sai, Zackary, Hanzo and Thomas have been raised by Tundra, With Hanzo Being the one to hit his head, Zack one time had an idea saying "Hey Hanzo, wanna find the Dragon Balls?", Hanzo Answered "Ok sure!". Then the 2 set off for an adventure, they would eventually meet Colonel Silver and beat him, and then they meet a blue dressed girl named Emma who tells them about Muscle Tower. the 2 Saiyan Kids annihilate everything in Muscle Tower but having trouble during the big pink monster in the cold but they beat him eventually with Zack, Hanzo and Eighter Vs General White. General White shoots Both Zack and Hanzo in the Tails and Like the Original Dragon Ball, Eighter Punches and Kills General White, with Hanzo and Zack eventually waking up. And then they head over to West City where they meet a Woman named Daisy Brief. they soon arrive at Mt Pousu where they recruit Thomas, and then they arrive at Master Roshi's Kame House, And Hanzo, Daisy and Zack Head Underwater, the Events Of Dragon Ball Play Out Like Normal Until Mercenary Tao Happen. When Zack Got Defeated, Hanzo was furious seeing his brother on the brink of death, as Hanzo unlocks Wrathful for the 1st time, and kills Mercenary Tao. Zack would climb Korin Tower with Hanzo recruiting Thomas From Kame House, and they Train with Korin for 3 days til they got the Sacred Water which was basic normal everyday water. Soon they arrive at the Red Ribbon Headquarters, where they killed everyone but one Red Ribbon Person, but that characters for another Saga. and then Zack goes around the world to find new ways to get stronger.

22nd Budokai Tenkaichi Saga

3 Years after the Defeat of the Red Ribbon Army, Zack reunites with Hanzo and Thomas at the World Tournament. with 2 mysterious fighters that have the same symbol as Mercenary Tao, they Introduce themselves as Jaden and Allison. Zackary knew there was something familiar about one of them but cant put their finger on it, but Zackary recognizes Allison, as His Sister. Zack Asks "Casi? Is That You?", Allison Replies "Casi? Why Does that name sound Familiar...?", and then the Announcer Said "Time for the Preliminaries to Begin!". The 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai happen like normal Hanzo Vs Allison, Hanzo Wins and Thomas Vs Jaden, Jaden Breaks Thomas' Leg making him the winner. The next epic match would be Zack vs Jaden, making the battle of Goku vs Tein but with OC's, Thus Making Jaden the World Tournament Champion

King Piccolo Saga

Right after the World Tournament Zack Notices he forgot his power pole and four star dragon ball at the Check-In Station At the world tournament then Hanzo volunteers to get, but as soon as Hanzo arrived, He's Met up with Tambourine, With Tambourine Killing Him in one foot to the forehead. Zack has been waiting but notices that Hanzo is taking longer than he should, he goes to the Check-In Station With Thomas Seeing Hanzo Dead on the ground, Zack is furious using the Nimbus to fly off and find the Killer of Hanzo. Later he finds Tambourine killing him and then eat's Yajirobe's fish and fights him, and then Yajirobe Fights Cymbal like normal and eats hims. Zack fights King Piccolo but fails the 1st time, Zack and Thomas drink the Ultra Divine Water making Him Somewhat Stronger. meanwhile Tundra fights King Piccolo and pushed to his 4th form, but King Piccolo was just too strong, so Tundra tries Unleashing the Mafuuba King Piccolo is using the Dragon Balls to become Eternal Youth, Allison tried stopping him but gets killed in the process, this shocks Jaden and angers him, he charges at him but to no avail. And then Zack and Thomas arrive with stronger powers as they charge into King Piccolo but then Thomas gets knocked into a mountain, and Zack headbutts King Piccolo knocking him back but then smack Zack into a tree. Thomas blasts King Piccolo in the back with a ki blast, and then Thomas falls down to the ground exhausted, as Zack gets back up injured as King Piccolo starts shooting rocks at his legs and left arm, as King Piccolo says "This Fights Over Kid!", but Zack replies, "N-No, I Have One Arm Left I Can Use!", then Zack fires a blast to the ground making him fly up and in the brief moments he's about to strike King Piccolo, Zack feels his inner ape come out as both his iris become white and his aura becomes green, and the goes through King Piccolo. as King Piccolo spits out an egg, and then dies. Zack lands on the ground barely conscious, he uses the nimbus to go to Korin Tower, And Brings Thomas' Body with him, Zack eats a Senzu Bean getting a Zenkai Boost, and then feeds one to Thomas also giving him a Zenkai Boost. They'd Ask Korin to Train but he Says "Look Kids, Your Training's Are Finished With Me, If You Want Harder Training, Then Use Your Power Pole to Extend Up to The Next Layer of this Tower,", Zack uses his power pole to extend to the tower, and then a few minutes later, the power pole stops growing, so they begin climbing even higher than they did when climbing to a place, beyond Korin Tower. Once there, Zack and Thomas are greeted by Mr Popo and start training, they fail they're tests but then a voice says "Let Them Stay Mr Popo", Then A Elder Green Humanoid walks out, immediately they start attacking the Elderly Humanoid confusing him for King Piccolo, and then Says "Stop, I Can See Why You Mistake Me For King Piccolo, But Im Not Him", Zack and Thomas Apologize Profusely and then Kami Says "Don't Be, In Fact, I Should Apologize to You, I Wasn't Going to Bring Back The Eternal Wish Dragon Shenron But You 2 and Your Dead Brother Hanzo Showed Me That People Can Use the Dragon Balls For Good Desires". Thomas And Zack were both shocked to hear that Kami is the one to make the Dragon Balls, Kami would tell Mr Popo to get Shenron's Model Out and then he does, Kami brings back Shenron and Mr Popo gets the Dragon Balls and they bring back those who were killed by King Piccolo and his minions. This Brings Back Hanzo and Allison and then Zack asks Kami if he can talk to Hanzo and Kami Nods and Opens a Telepathic Link to Hanzo's Heart And Zack Says "Hey Hanzo! Its Me Zack," Hanzo Says "Zack? I Can Hear You But Can't See You," Zack Replies "Yeah, Im at a place beyond Korin Tower! Meet Me And Thomas Up There", Hanzo arrives there in 30 Minutes and the minute Zack and Hanzo See Each other, they hug. Hanzo would attack Kami mistaking him for King Piccolo but Zack and Thomas told him to Calm Down, And so there begins a new chapter of training in their lives.

23rd Budokai Tenkaichi/Piccolo Jr Saga

3 Years after King Piccolo's defeat everyone even Jaden and Allison reunites with the group of Fighters, Zack Shows up with Hanzo, Thomas and Tundra and everyone is shocked to see the Trio Grown but Hanzo seems shorter for some reason, Zack explains "Well, due to death, he hasn't been aging properly or physically i should say", As everything Zack said made sense, the Announcer says "Time for the preliminaries to Begin!", The Tournament would go like normal except Tundra's participating in this Budokai Tenkaichi. Thomas showing off his Spirit Ball technique to Tundra, but Tundra wins, then a Familiar Women Showed up smiling at Zack as he asks "Uh, Do I Know You?", and then Dynamo gets furious that this guy dosent recognize her and yells at Zack before storming off, then the Matches continue, Hanzo and Thomas also bump into woman, as the one with short hair and a pink and black looks at Hanzo and the one with spiked up hair and a blue dress looks at Thomas as they're both confused, and the Tournament continues, Hanzo fights Piccolo Jr and gets beat and wrecked. Zack is shocked seeing Piccolo body Hanzo badly, and eventually wins, Zack fights the green haired women who relieves herself as Dynamo, Zack, Hanzo and Thomas are shocked to see Dynamo after Tundra Blew out fire mountain, Jaden fights blue dressed woman and wins, Allison fights the short haired woman and has trouble so she's knocked out, Zack and Jaden fight next and Zack shockingly has Trouble against Jaden till Hanzo and Thomas nod at Zack as he takes off weighted clothing and Jaden was shocked to see that Zack was holding back the whole time. Zack is so much faster to the point he eventually knocks Jaden out the Ring, the blue dressed woman says her name is Emma, Thomas is confused while the Hanzo and Zack are shocked and recognized Emma and then the short haired women says she's Gina who Hanzo, Thomas and Zack all recognize the girl whose been Training with Tundra but stopped as the reason being is that her family was moving away. Zack and Hanzo also remember the promise of marriage Zack promised Dynamo and Hanzo promised Gina, anyways the semi-finals continue with Tundra vs Piccolo as Tundra pulls out a jar and Piccolo recognizes the symbol of the Turtle Seal, and Tundra fires the Evil Containment Wave but Piccolo counters with a Evil Containment Wave Reverse! Sealing Tundra in a container, Zack, Thomas And Hanzo are shocked to see Piccolo beat Tundra for the 2nd time. next were the finals, Zack Vs Piccolo, everything plays out like they how Dragonball happened, Piccolo turns Giant, Zack goes inside of Piccolo and frees Tundra, Saving his Adoptive Father and Teacher. Piccolo then explodes with Zack somewhat Surviving but injured, Zack then beats Piccolo to a Pulp til Piccolo shoot a blast in Zack's Right Part of the chest making a Wound in him. Hanzo, Thomas, Allison and Jaden try jumping in but were pushed back by Piccolo's Kaia Wave, as he Says "This Isn't Your Fight, I'll Kill You 4 After Im Done With Son Zackary", Piccolo Kicks Zack in the air and sledgehammers him to the ground but Zack is standing on his feet somehow. As Piccolo tries to land a punch, Zack grabs it and twists his hand with Piccolo feelling Pain, Zack turns his head up with his iris and pupils no longer visible, Zack dashes towards Piccolo at high speed beating him up, Zack would charge a Super Kamehameha But then he reverts to base form drained as he falls on his back, Piccolo throws a Ki Blast at him, Piccolo, Tundra, Kami, Hanzo, Thomas, Master Roshi, Allison and Jaden can no longer see Zack as Piccolo Says "Now that i avenged my Father, You 5 are Next...". But then Hanzo looks and sees something or someone in the sky flying towards Piccolo, the next would be Thomas, Roshi, Jaden, Allison, Tundra and Kami Also See as Piccolo Turns around and See Zack dashing towards him as he headbutts him out of the Ring, Zack has won, as Yajirobe Arrives with Senzu Beans as Zack eats one, and feeds one to Piccolo as the fighters are shocked. then Dynamo hugs Zack with him blushing at her hugging him as Piccolo flies away, Zack proposes to Dynamo, Hanzo Proposes to Gina And Thomas proposes and then the Trio fly off awaiting their next adventure or enemy.

Saiyan Saga (Blaze)

5 years after the fight with Piccolo, Zack and a little boy are catching fish for dinner, Zack teaches the boy to fish and uses a tail dispenser to catch fish and after the boy caught fish Zack said "Wow, Good Job Jaxson! You Know How to fish better than i did when i was 12!", Jaxson Replies "Thanks Daddy! I'll Beat Your Fish Record One Day!", then Zack and his son Jaxson went back to their House, Dynamo was waiting for them and when Zack and Jaxson got Home, Dynamo Said "Remember that Reunion with Hanzo, Thomas, Tundra and Master Roshi!" Zack said "Don't Worry Dynamo, I'll Be Back As Soon As Possible", Dynamo Exclaims "Oh Yeah, Don't Forget About the Gift For Jaxson", Zack Says "Oh Yeah Here ya go Jaxson!" Zack gives Jaxson a hat with the four star dragon ball on it. Jaxson says "Whoa... What is that?", Zack Answers "That's a Dragon Ball! it's a Sign that reminds me who Raised me, Tundra..." Jaxson "Whoa, That's So Cool!", and then Zack and Jaxson on the Nimbus fly off. meanwhile a Saiyan Space Pod crash lands by a farm by Piccolo, as someone who looks like Hanzo but with messed up hair, the Saiyan smirks at the Farmer as he shoots a gun bullet at the Saiyan and he says "Want this Back?" and flings the bullet back at the Farmer killing him. the Saiyan detects a power level of 322, the Saiyan says "That Might Be Zaki..." and flies to the power level, but instead finds Piccolo, as Piccolo fires a Full-Powered energy blast at the Saiyan, he smirks and says "Wow, you managed to shave my leg hairs", as Piccolo is shocked and nervous as the Saiyan detects 3 Power levels close to each other. "Lucky Namek, i'll Comeback for you..." and Flies off to the direction of Kame House, Later Zack and Jaxson are at Kame House as Hanzo and Thomas walk the door and say "Zack!" as Zack and Jaxson jump of the Nimbus, Hanzo, Thomas, Daisy are confused to see a boy and Hanzo asks "What's with the kid? are You Babysitting Him?", and Tundra is also confused, then Zack answers "No Guys, He's Jaxson, My Son", Hanzo, Daisy, Thomas, Tundra and Master Roshi are shocked that Zack had a kid with Dynamo. but then Zack, Thomas, Hanzo and Tundra Sense Sinister energy closing in, Zack says "!, Do you feel that guys?" Hanzo answers "Yeah, Its Evil and yet Familiar". And the Saiyan Says "Hello Guys, Long time no see..." Zack, Hanzo, Thomas, Tundra all look stunned to see someone flying mid air besides Tundra and Kami. Zack says "Who're You And Why Do You Look Like Hanzo?", the Saiyan Answers "i'm a Saiyan named Blaze, and i'm your Twin Cousin", Zack, Thomas are shocked with Hanzo being more shocked saying "Saiyan? Cousin?! What is this guy talking about?!" Zack answers "Hanzo, i think it's time you know the truth, we are a alien race known as Saiyans that were peaceful people til the day the Saiyan Race was under siege by a galactic tyrant, My Real name is Zaki, yours is Keui and Thomas' is Shiro". Hanzo says "that means... my life has been a whole lie this whole time", Zack exclaims "No, you just didn't know about your origin, im sorry we didn't tell you earlier", Blaze then says "Ok Good, you know what i was gonna explain next" Hanzo then tells Blaze to shoo but then Blaze smacks Hanzo into Kame House, then Blaze tries recruiting Zack, Thomas and Hanzo but they refuse, Blaze then threatens to kidnap Jaxson if they don't join him but Zack, Thomas and Hanzo still refuse so Blaze Knees Zack in the Rib Cage knocking him on the ground and told them to redeem themselves by killing One-Hundred Humans by the same time and place tomorrow. Zack gets back up and tries going after but then Piccolo Says out of no where "Don't Bother going alone, You'll Just Die" everyone's shocked to see Piccolo on Kame House but he suggests that Him and Zack team up, Hanzo and Thomas said "Oh Yeah! We're Joining" but Piccolo interjects Saying "No Hanzo, You Died Before, and Thomas You'll Just Be Wasting Time...", Then Piccolo flies and Zackary go on the Nimbus and flies after him, later they catch up to Blaze as he says "Oh Done With Your Mission Already?", Zack answers "No! You Should Know why we're Here!" Blaze Replies "Oh, Trying To Defy Your Cousin eh? Well then, Feel My Wrath!" Zack and Piccolo Fly towards Blaze with him blocking both of their attacks, Blaze does a Double Sunday at the direction at Zack and the other direction at Piccolo. Thus getting rid of Piccolo's left arm, Blaze Laughs and says "Im Sorry? Did I Erase Your Arm?", and continues Laughing and then Piccolo asks "Hey Zack, Have any new moves?", Zack replies "No, Did You?", And Piccolo answers "Luckily Yeah, This Attack Will Take A Few Minutes to Charge, You May Have To Hold Him Off". As Piccolo starts charging his most powerful technique yet as Zack charges at Blaze, they'd Clash for a few minutes when Blaze was going to Zack the finishing blow then, Blaze Says "Time to You Zaki! And Don't Worry I'll Take Good Care Of Your So-," Blaze's Scouter starts beeping and he Says "What?! Power Level Of 1530?! Where did this Come from?", And Then Jaxson Explodes out of the pod pissed, dashes towards Blaze and says "Leave My Daddy... Alone!", and Headbutts him i the gut weakening him a little bit. Blaze smacks Jaxson, and was about to finish him, but then Zack full nelson's his cousin as Blaze says "W-What?! What Are You Doing?!", Zack Says "Now! Piccolo! Do It!", Piccolo fires the Special Beam Cannon, and hits Blaze and goes through him and Zack with them Coughing out blood with wounds in their guts with Blaze Saying "D-Damn It!" and Zack chuckles as he Lands on the ground barely alive, Blaze says "In One Years time, there will be 2 Saiyans coming here to Avenge Me", and Piccolo confirms "Well You'll Be Dead but Zack Won't, We got these orbs Called Dragon Balls that can even bring the dead Back to life", Blaze chuckles and says "That's Useful Information, My Conrad's heard this who battle and conversation", and then Blaze dies, with Hanzo and Thomas showing seeing Their Brother nearly lifeless on the ground. Hanzo Says "Zack! Don't die!" Zack says "S-Sorry Hanzo, I... I Just... Can't Survive... This Time", Zack closes his eyes, then Zack's Body Disappears and Piccolo explains "Kami took his Physical Body, Probably For Afterlife Training in the Meantime, I'll Take His Kid", Hanzo, Thomas, Daisy are shocked and then Piccolo flies to Jaxson and grabs him, 6 months later, Jaxson and Piccolo Being Their Training for the Saiyans.

Saiyan Saga (Taiki/Kai)

1 Year after Blaze's and Zack's Death, the Saiyans have landed, the Saiyan Brute then puts his pointer and middle finger up and explodes the city, getting the fighters attention, they'd flew to the Battlefield, 1st seeing Piccolo, Jaxson and Hanzo, then Thomas, Jaden and Allison show up, the Saiyan Brute suggests "Maybe we can Bring Out The Saibamen For a Little Test, What'dya Say Taiki?", then Taiki Said "Sure, Kai plant them down", he'd plant the last 6 Saibamen down, Jaden fights the 1st Saibamen with Jaden beating him down, then the Saibamen tried getting up, Taiki kills it with Kai asking "No! Why Did You Do That Taiki?!", Taiki answers "He Was Weakling Kai! He Doesn't Deserve to Live!", Next Round Thomas was against the 2nd Saibamen also getting the upper hand at 1st, but when Thomas knocked the Saibamen to the ground, He thinks he won, till the Saibamen grabs onto him, with Thomas trying to get it off, but then the Saibamen explodes and self-destructs, when the dust settles, Thomas was found dead on the ground, Hanzo walks up to him putting his ear to Thomas' back, then realizes, his brother had fallen, Hanzo Roars at the 4 other Saibamen creating his own move, Extreme Hanzo Bomber! Killing 3 of them, as the last tries to attack Jaxson, but then Piccolo and grabs it and throws it to the sky killing it and says "Be careful Kid, Next Time might not be Lucky". then Kai powers up and charges at Jaden disarming him, and then Beats the life out of him, then Hanzo kicks Kai Across the face barely doing damage, and Piccolo appears by Hanzo and asks "Hanzo, are you familiar with Multi-Form?" Hanzo answers "Yeah, Its gonna divide our Ki tho", Piccolo and Hanzo divide themselves into 4 to take on Kai, they were able to hold their own for a few minutes, as Jaden gets back up and then he notices Allison is missing. and the Allison jumps on Kai's Back, as She starts glowing as telepathically Tells Jaden goodbye, and then blows herself up. Jaden is furious and charges at Kai doing as much damage as he possibly can, and then uses the last of his Ki on his One-Handed Tri-Beam, and then Jaden falls dead on the ground. Hanzo is furious and attacks Kai, and fires Super Kamehameha at him with Full-Force, but Kai stands there saying "Is this all you got from anger?", but then Piccolo shoots Kai in the back, and then Hanzo starts charging a Ki Disk attack, and yells "Destructo-Disk!", and throws it at Kai, nearly hitting him. But Kai dodges the Destructo-Disk, and then Kai starts beating on Hanzo eventually every one of Hanzo's bones are broken, Kai tries firing a Ki-Beam at Jaxson but Piccolo gets in the way, taking the hit, making Piccolo fall to the ground, saying good-bye to Jaxson. Jaxson fires a Masenko in Wrathful but Kai deflects it with ease, Right when Kai was gonna step on Jaxson, a sudden swoop grabs him, the next thing he knows, Jaxson is on the Nimbus, confused then Taiki detects a power level of 6'000 and looks up to see Zackary. Zack descends into the Battlefield and then looks the lifeless bodies of Thomas, Jaden and then Piccolo, and Noticing his sister Allison is also gone, Zack is furious and starts powering up to a level of 8'000, and Kai starts running at Zack but then he vanishes, then kicks Kai in the back of his head. Kai keeps trying to land a hit on Zack but he just keeps dodging, Kai tries Killing Zack with his Bomber DX but Zack dodges it too, eventually Kai charges at Hanzo and Jaxson, with Zack using Kaioken and then Breaking Kai's back. Taiki would be disgusted how Kai lost to Zack, his younger brother, Kai tries escaping but then Taiki blows up his space pod, Zack suggests they go to a Biome with no Animals or People insight, Zack and Taiki fly to a Wasteland, Zack and Taiki then begin their battle. Zack would lose ground against Taiki even with the Kaioken, Zack was losing ground till he Yelled "KAIOKEN-" King Kai says "Wait Zack Don't!" as Zack Finishes the Saying "TIMES 3!", as he powers up, the ground is shaking, and then Zack strikes Taiki across the face and then beats the life out of him, Taiki tries to land a few hits but Zack is just too much for the Royal Saiyan to handle. Taiki just keeps trying harder and harder unleashing more of his power but Zack is too much, then Taiki gets pissed yelling "TH-THATS IT!! YOU AND THIS PLANET ARE AS GOOD AS SPACE DUST!", then Taiki flies high into the sky and cuff his hands together, while Zack does the same charging a Super Kamehameha while Taiki yells "GALLICK GUN!", with Zack firing his beam at the Gallick Gun, Taiki realizes that the beams are even Zack starts thinking "Sorry King Kai, im gonna have to break some Boundaries", as Zack Yells "KAIOKEN TIMES 4!!!", with Zack winning the Beam struggle with Taiki yelling "NOOOOOO!!" as the Beam consumes him. Taiki would try and look for the Moon but realizes its not around so he flies back down, and starts forming a Power Ball and says "In that case, I'll Become A GREAT APE!" and throws the Power Ball into the Atmosphere and Yells "BURST OPEN AND MIX!", Taiki starts transforming with Zack knowing all to well about the Oozaru Transformation but never became one since he was a kid. Zack tries grabbing Taiki's Tail but gets smacked down by it, before Taiki could step on Zack, he blasts him in the eye with Taiki roaring in pain, and then Zack goes to a Mountain 5 miles away starts charging, a Spirit Bomb. Hanzo and Jaxson Sense Taiki's Power increasing Tenfold and then Fly over back to the Battlefield, and Hanzo finds the Oozaru Familiar, and then it hits him, making him think "So this is the Reason Tundra removed my Tail...", As Zack finishes the Spirit Bomb, Taiki finds him as Zack leaps at Taiki with the Spirit Bomb in his enclosed hand but then Suddenly Zack gets distracted and gets Punched to a mountain, after crashing he says "No... The Spirit Bomb". Taiki then Crushes Zack's legs with his foot, and then Picks him up and was about to crush him but then Jaxson Yells at Taiki to leave his father alone, Taiki laughed Devilishly and says "Oh No, My Nephews here and He's gonna stop me!" Sarcastically, Hanzo forms another Destructo-Disk and Throws it at Taiki but he jumps over, shocking both Jaxson and Hanzo. Taiki turns around and tells Hanzo "Really? Like im dumb to think That Zaki's Brat Would Fight Me Alone, and then Begins Crushing every one of Zack's Bones but before he could Kill him, a Death Beam cuts Taiki's Tail Clean of as Tundra appears with his finger Pointing at Taiki's Tail and Says Disappointingly "Do I Always have to do the work for you guys?". Taiki then reverts to Normal furious and the beats Tundra to a pulp, Zack took this as an Opportunity to give Jaxson the remaining Ki of the Spirit Bomb, but Tundra is knocked out cold with ease, Taiki sees Zack's hand about to touch Jaxson's and flies towards them and says "Oh No You Don't!". and then Knee's Zack's gut hard and Jaxson then starts fighting Taiki with everything he has left, Zack tells Hanzo telepathically "Hanzo, Come to me my Brother", Hanzo spots Zack and flies to him and Zack says "Grab... M-My Hand...", and then Hanzo does so, and Hanzo is shocked on how much Ki is left in the Spirit Bomb, and King Kai tells Hanzo the Spirit Bomb instructions. Jaxson is knocked to the ground with Taiki about to the finishing blow as Hanzo sees the Moment to throw the Spirit Bomb and Taiki notices but dodges, Hanzo is scared that Jaxson might killed, but as Jaxson holds the Spirit Bomb Zack telepathically tells him "Jaxson! the Spirit Bomb won't hurt you if there's no evil in your heart! now Bounce it Back!", and then Jaxson throws the Spirit Bomb at Taiki nearly knocking him out. but Hanzo, Tundra, Jaxson and Zack are Horrified to See Taiki get back up, and say "Ok! Now Im Pissed" and smacks Hanzo across the Face, meanwhile Jaxson regrows his tail, and Tundra notices and telepathically tells him to turn around, Jaxson turns around looking at the Power Ball Taiki made earlier. this Causes Jaxson to become a Great Ape, he was gonna lose control til he looks at Zack and recognizes him, Jaxson runs towards Taiki and beats on him, with Taiki trying to jump back away from Jaxson, and eventually Taiki see the Opportunity to Cut off Jaxson's Tail as he Makes a Ki-Disk and throws it at Jaxson's Tail, Cutting it off but then Jaxson falls down on Taiki, Injuring him Greatly, no pun intended, Taiki then Summons his ship, Hanzo tries chasing him but Zack tells him to stop and spare Taiki, Hanzo says "What?! are You Crazy?! He'll Comeback stronger!" but Zack says "I-Its fine, next time... I'll... I'll beat him... myself...", then Taiki flies off in his space pod, even leaving Kai behind. weeks later Daisy fixes Kami's Spaceship that Mr Popo mentioned, While Hanzo and Jaxson are Recovered, Zack is not, Kai is recovered due to only having his back be Broken, nothing more. Kai wants to go with them, eventually Jaxson and Hanzo agree, so the 3 Saiyans, Daisy and Tundra enter the Spaceship heading towards Planet Namek.

Namek Saga

The fighters would arrive on Namek a month after departing from earth, by now Kai knows how to sense and suppress his Ki, and right after they land, Taiki also lands on Namek, with one of Arctic's Soldiers Cui following after. Hanzo and Jaxson go to a Village nearby, Just to see Dodoria kill Elder Moori, Cargo and almost kills Dende, but then Jaxson dropkicks Dodoria into a Namekian house, as Dodoria tries getting back up, Hanzo throws a Extreme Hanzo Bomber at Dodoria, briefly stunning him for enough time for Jaxson and Hanzo to make their Escape. with Kai catching up to Hanzo and Jaxson and then bumps into Dodoria, (Btw Kai had a Power Level of 10'000 During his siege on Earth with Taiki, let's put him at a Power Level of 22'000 from a Zenkai after Zack broke his back.) Kai and Dodoria begin clashing with Dodoria Having a little trouble and then Dodoria powers up to the same level as Taiki after the Zenkai he gets after the attempted siege on Earth, with a Power Level of 24'000. Kai then start to have trouble with Attacking and fighting Dodoria but then Hanzo gets in the way and tells Kai to close his eyes and yells "SOLAR FLARE!". Hanzo takes Kai and Escapes the Battlefield farther than Dodoria expected, Dodoria would be looking for Arctic's Ship but then gets kicked the face by Taiki as he says "Well, Well, if isn't Dodoria". and then Taiki and Dodoria begin fighting, with Dodoria weakened from his previous fight with Kai, Hanzo and Jaxson, as Dodoria tries to fly away, Taiki fires Gallick Gun at Dodoria killing the pink beast, once and for all. Taiki then flies off collecting Dragon Balls, a few hours later, Zarbon and Arctic are noticing that Dodoria is taking a bit too long. Kai gets a tiny Zenkai boost to a Power Level of 23'000, then Taiki finds a Cave, and Recognizes 4 Ki Signatures inside of it and says "I Know your in there Keui, Jaxson, Kai and Tundra" and the Quadrio Walk out, With Dende looking Horrified, and Taiki says "Look i don't wanna hurt you people, because i know i was a horrible brute to you 3 on earth, and the 2 of you are Family to me, we're the only Saiyans left in existence, and so is Zaki". then that's where Zarbon manages to find Taiki, and the 2 would clash with Taiki having the Advantage at 1st till Zarbon Transforms, Taiki was horrified, along with Hanzo, Kai and Jaxson. then Taiki has trouble against the Blue Beast, when Zarbon was gonna finish him, Kai kicks Zarbon across the face and helps Taiki back up, and the the Duo Team up on Zarbon, while still having trouble, then Hanzo fires a Extreme Hanzo Bomber at Zarbon hitting him head on, with Kai firing a Bomber DX and Taiki throwing a Gallick Gun, then Together They Kill Zarbon. Dende then takes the Quin-trio to Grand Elder Guru and Unlocks Jaxson's, Hanzo's, Taiki's and Kai's Potential, as he does, Taiki realizes there's 5 Ki Sources heading towards the planet, and Tundra senses it along with Kai, they learn that it's the Ginyu Force, Taiki warns the Group but they don't believe him at 1st til Nail confirms that this was an evil presence. Later they'd grab the Dragon Radar from Daisy and then fly to try and hide the Namekian Dragon Ball's from the Ginyu Force, but they failed.

Ginyu Force Saga

Jaxson and Hanzo fight Guldo while Kai becomes Cocky about his potential unlocked abilities, to the point he fights Arctic while Taiki, Tundra, Hanzo and Jaxson fight the Ginyu Force. The 1st round was a 2 on 1 with Hanzo and Jaxson vs Guldo, Guldo of course has the upper hand, Taiki was disgusted to see his brother and hybrid-nephew failing to the weakest member of the Ginyu Force. but when Taiki saw that Hanzo and Jaxson were gonna die by a big looking tooth pick but then Taiki saw an opening moment and chopped of Guldo's Head, then Guldo of course scolds Taiki for interfering but before Taiki could kill Guldo, a death beam kills Guldo instead, a death beam from Tundra. meanwhile Kai is having trouble with Arctic, Tundra would sense this and fly over to Kai and Arctic's Battlefield, and Taiki vs Recoome begins, Taiki uppercuts Recoome and fires a Full Power Gallick Gun him with Full-Force! How ever Recoome is still standing and then Pumbles Taiki to the ground, then Hanzo headbutts Recoome in the chin. but then Recoome kicks Hanzo

Arctic Saga

Arctic and Polar's Revenge (Future Timeline)

History Of Jaxson

Future Jaxson Saga

Android Saga

Cell Saga

Cell Games Saga

Babadi Saga

Babadi Saga (Future Timeline)

Majin Buu

Battle of Gods Saga

Resurrection A Saga

Universe 6 Saga

Zack Black/Hanzo Black Saga

Tournament Of Power Saga

Coli Saga

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Heaters Saga